Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cocoon Country

I really don't understand the obsession with cocoons.

This time of year is very stressful for me, because I'm constantly being told about Pajamagrams on TV. If you were not aware of these before today, I apologize. If it's not them, it's the Vermont Teddy bears. Both make me want to run screaming from the TV.

I really can't wait to get back to commercials for the automatic battery operated stirring things for people who really can't be bothered with stirring their soup, or perhaps the ads for Slap Chop. At this point I'd even take a Shake Weight ad to get away from the Pajamagrams.

But here's what I don't get. Why are we in a cocoon decade? Why must Americans be completely encased in fleece at all times? Is it global warming? Does everyone have a rash? Is it the bedbug epidemic?

Let's take a look at what's happening.

There's the Slanket:
The Hoodie Footie (and yes, it's marketed as lingerie - the super fun part is that the FEET ZIP OFF - not even kidding):

And of course the ubiquitous Snuggie. Or, if you have a really ferocious bedbug infestation or belong to a cult, there's the Snuggie for two:
What if you have to run from a bear? Are their lawsuits involving people suddenly having to get up, (perhaps to admire the free hat box included with every Pajamagram) becoming hopelessly entangled in their 3 acres of fleece and falling and cracking their skulls on the coffee table? I'd just like to know those statistics.

In honor of our falling body temperatures and flight from dignity, I made a quilt card.

Our tutorial today is the quilted card technique, which is made for anti-cocoon, sewing impaired folks such as yours truly.

It's really kind of mesmerizing, actually, because the little patterns have to be perfect - there's not really any way to get them wrong. I enjoyed the heck out of it. After you piece it together, you can run it through an embossing folder for the "quilting".

I used this quilt pattern, some First Edition DSP, Sweet Stitches DSP and the Sew Suite stamp set. So fun, easy and no hat box, footies or cocoon required :)

Come play along and make a quilt card - I'd love to see a link! Unless of course, you're trapped under three acres of fleece.

In which case - God bless and have a warm and bedbug free day!


  1. The card looks lovely....gotta try this! Thx for enabling....

    We have Snuggies...(unfortunately they are necessary in drafty rooms in the winter)but they need a little more design work...very cumbersome to wear, yes and static-y. Let's get some women in that quality assurance meeting!
    Til then I'm waiting for my son to get me a U.T. one... Lol.

  2. Ooooh,you forgot to mention the new comfy pants you can find at Lol. Sorry, but I may need them to replace the ugly comfy sweats I wear around the house!

  3. Thank GOD I don't watch TV, so I've been spared the suffering. And I can't wear fleece - I overheat. Although, I did receive a gift from a friend many, many moons ago of an adult, one-piece, long-sleeved, zip-front fleece "bag" with cuffed openings for your feet to stick out. I kid you not. I broke out into a sweat just trying the thing on. I only wear it when I am very, very, very sick, which is the only time I am every very, very, very cold, and I wear the thing OVER flannel PJs and UNDER a heavy quilt. And no, I can't run in the thing. And yes, I do sometimes pull my feet into it, then I forget I've done it and try to stand up, and I fall down. Fortunately I've worn the thing like 3 times in 10 years.

    Oh, and nice card. :)

    wv: lestra
    lesltra be a lesson to you: don't try to walk when wearing one of those fleece bags.

  4. Love the is perfect for me and the Little Miss today since we are in jammies and covered in our fleece blankets. But, to our credit, we are both now sick with the flu, so we get a pass, right?

    And, as long as I am getting a pass, I did like the looks of that super fleecy Sherpa Snuggie. But I will resist its siren's song for now.

  5. You only need a cocoon if you are freezing your tush in the frigid temps we are having, but I'd much rather wrap up in a quilt. And I love yours.

  6. This post is STINKIN' HYSTERICAL!!!! ROFL :={} I completely agree...really? zip off feet????

    Thanks for sharing and a really cute idea for a card.

  7. Guess I've missed the Pajamagrams commercials - I must not watch the "right kind" of TV. But I do have a pressing question - what's the difference between a Slanket and a Snuggie? They look pretty much the same to me...

    But thank you for saving us from the horrors of these items and producing an adorable card to warm our hearts. You rock!

  8. vicki rochester nyFebruary 9, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    You really do crack me up -- thanks for the laugh...
    Love the card also.

  9. Hahahahahaha! I LOVE your all your rants, we think right along the same lines!!! My fave is the zip off feet, LOL! I got my mom a snuggie for Christmas one year...really, she ASKED for it but it was too big, maybe I should get her a kids snuggie, lol! Oh and cute card;-)

  10. Girlie, you are cracking me up! I totally, totally agree with you . . . LOL! I really have to show this post to my hubby . . . he just asked about a Valentine's gift . . . I said, "don't you dare!" . . . LOL! {{{hugs}}}

    P.S. I didn't know you were a Stampin' Up! demo . . . I threw in the towel two years ago, didn't want to sign the agreement.

  11. Now, now, just keep in mind you aren't living in NY anymore! Those in warmer climates, who stop in the once-a-year snowfall to make little handheld snowmen, shouldn't throw fleece stones! :)


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