Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too Good Not To Share

I haven't updated the Blue List in a while, so I thought it was time to share some AMAZING things I love with you. Because you're cool and I like you. :)

Have you ever found a fantastic recipe, gone to store, bought all the stuff to make it - the spices, the special things you don't normally buy, the veggies you'll use just this once, etc. - and realized that your two servings of Chicken A La Super Glittery Floof just cost you $100??

This happens to me all the time. I go shop for one meal and as I'm checking out I'm all....This costs WWWHHHAAATTTTT?????????

Like that. Nobody says it like Splotch.

The other day I made some $60 soup. Seriously. It's ridiculous. It wasn't even good.

So thankfully, I live in the entrepreneur capitol of the WORLD and also the foodie capitol of the world. We actually are blessed enough with wonderful, innovative food that we lead the nation in the number of meals eaten out per week per person in the US. Trust me - it's not an indication of laziness or debauchery - it's an indication of an off the hook foodie community.

So last week, I tried an Austin institution for the first time - the Soup Peddler. This man's story is amazing. Truly the American dream - delivering homemade soup on his bike to our funky 'burbs until he turned into ... well, a corporation. God bless him. And God bless America.

Except God would not bless him if his food was not TRULY THE MOST AMAZING THING YOU'VE EVER TASTED!

Holy COW. I had the Turkey Portobello Pot Pie and the Potato Leek soup. The Potato Leek soup could be used as a love potion in a Disney movie. The pot pie casts a spell that cannot be broken.

Here's the best part. It was delivered FREE, to my door and it was SUCH a bargain!! Their soup - unlike my $60 pathetic attempt - is about $9 for 32 oz. of bliss. Why did I think I could do that at home? Because I'm crazy and I watch too much Food Network.

I have been reborn, and I understand now. But it's time for a confession.

Here's the part where I failed. On my very first order, I forgot to leave a cooler out for them. I am a failure as a soupie :(. They forgave me, and they left me a temporary one I could return. I felt horrible, as it was the only thing I had to do correctly to receive my amazing food delivered to my doorstep for free. I haz a sad.

So I made them a card.

I realize it doesn't make up for the soup faux pas, but it's what I have. And the Soup Peddler is now a permanent resident on the Blue List.

For my inspiration I used today's color challenge, which I love, since grey is the new black!

The card base is Basic Grey, with River Rock, Whisper White and Newsprint DSP spotlighting the bike from Pedaling Past (retired). On the base image I used a white gel pen.

If you are a fellow Austinite, I hope you try the Soup Peddler. If you're not, look around you and see if someone cool can bring you some good food and save you some money. If there isn't anyone - then maybe you should start your own business. :)


  1. Ooooo, maybe the soup peddler had toona jyoose soup they can deliver to us. Toona jyoose is the nommiest AND if they make super nommy soup we'll take a squillion oz cup please.

    BTW, the card is beautiful! We like the gray too. It's perfect...but it could be perfecter if it had bells and strings coming out of the handlebars to play with.

  2. Yes, I made a very expensive fruit cake once - but at least it was good! Love the card & bet they did too!

  3. That soup dealio sound fabulous! I settle for the quarts of "homemade" soups from Safeway. Not bad at all. My fave is the Cream of Potato soup with BACON! And cheese, too, I believe. M-m-m-m-m!

    I am sure they will love the card. I do. :)

    wv: chequ

    If you don't have cash, ask if they'll take a chequ.

  4. That's really funny! Have you figured how much it costs to make a card? And you can't even eat that! I love this card and I'm sure it will more than make up for your little faux pas!

  5. Have not tried them... yet..love the card!

  6. I used to live in Austin and was a soupie from the beginning. I'm not sure the man can make a bad soup, enjoy every one!!

    I had to follow your link from Splitcoast Stampers when I saw your card because it reminded me of the Soup Peddler, how awesome that it was really about them!

    Have some Amy's for me...

  7. My ds tells me it was 33 degrees and very windy today in Austin.... Poor Lydia, I know how much u love the bitter cold....if it's any consolation we're awaiting an overnight ice storm and we don't even have the Soup Peddler to warm our bellies! So, lucky you.... *smile*
    Love, love, love the card! Gotta try that white gel pen effect. ^-^

  8. fun story! wish we had a soup peddler - sounds 'souper'!!

    If a recipe has more than 5 ingredients on it - I throw it out!

  9. Wonderful bicycle card, Lydia! Loved the soup story. If only (someone) delivered where I live. But then they'd never get up the hill to my house if on a bicycle.

  10. I love everything about this card. The color palette is Fabulous! TFS.


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