Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not so Rolling Blackouts

Well today we learned that Texas has no idea how to manage energy.

Yeah, it's cold. Really cold. We have twenties and wind gusts up to 60 mph and it will get worse tonight.

But it's three days of cold. For which, apparently, we don't have enough juice. Actually we don't have enough for today. Good to know. They started rolling blackouts this morning, which weren't rolling, because some neighborhoods had three one hour blackouts in a row and some neighborhoods had none.

I could see if we had months of 18 degrees that we might have a grid problem. But really? One day? Even Maddie could manage things a bit better than that, I'm fairly certain - one solution has already been proposed by a LOLcat.So there you go.

It's just a blog in the dark. :) Heh heh.

One thing that does not require power or heat is stamping, so I decided I'd give today's Faux Pressed Flower Tutorial a shot.

I got out some new toys for this venture, and this is what I did. First, I attached some Sweet Stitches Fabric to a Big Shot Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet. This is like a Xyron for your Big Shot. Very fun. Then I die cut some flowers with my Fun Flowers die by running this fabric on the sheet through the Big Shot.

Next, I peeled the backing off the adhesive sheets on the flowers and stuck them down on some white cardstock. Then I took that piece and embossed it with the square lattice folder. See how it smooshes the fabric into the paper? So pretty!
The rest is so easy! I put a piece of Sticky Strip down, scooched up some Pear Pizazz Seam binding on it, and on the other side, added a Sweet Stitches button, and added the "for you" from Clearly For you on a 1 3/8" circle of Whisper White.In the center of the flowers, I added glimmer brads, and the card base is Tempting Turquoise.

The center of the button sports some orange ribbon I got from an MFT VIP Kit,in honor of a momentous moment in my crafting life.

I've saved up this new for when I could show you a sewing themed card with my new toys.

It's totally okay if you get all verklempt and start crying and making a speech when I tell you this too. So here goes....

Fiskars has been the Coca-Cola of crafting my whole life. Those orange scissors in my mom's sewing room - yes, the ones we weren't supposed to touch, but we snuck them out and pulled nails with them anyway or cut sheet metal and snuck them back in - were the sole icon of crafts in all of my decades of crafting - as recognizable as the Apple apple or the Nike swoosh. There just weren't any other scissors.

Even if there were, they wouldn't have been as cool. Everyone knew THESE scissors on sight. They took a tool that was necessary and unremarkable and made it a sassy, ubiquitous brand.

They are the pinnacle of all things snippy and sewy and I'm pretty sure Home Depot stole their colors. #justsayin.

So when I opened a box I got in the mail, an orange light shone out, unicorns pranced and mermaids sang as I beheld....


Ahh, engraved with my Fiskateer #7030, no less. I feel like Ralphie when he opened the Red Ryder BB gun.

The best there ever was, Fiskars. The. Best. There. Ever. Was.

The rest of you can now commence calling me by my proper Fiskateer title! :)



  1. OK, first things first - nice card! No, seriously, I love that technique and will try it soon!

    More importantly, are those scissors GREEN *AND* ORANGE?!?!?! Like, together?!? That is my most favouritest colour combo. Seriously. HOW CAN I GET ME SOME??!?!?!?!

  2. First let me say, I love your sense of humour! Secondly, this card is really cool, I love that you tried the material with the adhesive sheets. They have resulted in one beautiful card!
    Thanks for sharing! I just used this die on a card too, hope you stop by to have a look.
    PS Stay warm...

  3. Awwww. Welcome to becoming a true and official Fiskateer =). We are lucky to have you. Any of your fans who are also fans of Fiskars and might want to become Fiskateers too- they can just email me directly for the linkie:

  4. Ok I am TOTALLY going to CASE that card....I wuv it!!!
    and I want to be a fiskateer!!! I wuv those scissors!!!!

    I'm all happy now. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside...even during a @#$%!! rolling blackout. I better post this pronto before our power goes out again!

    WV: tadrain
    Sometimes my kids are totally tadraining.

  5. My mom in S.A. was lamenting the rolling blackouts there yesterday... Looks like Texan cities united with that master plan....Love that new rocked it!
    And congrats on the Fiskars score and new HRH title...

  6. Love the card sooooo need to try this soon!

    LOL I also LOVE my scissors and paper trimmer....!

  7. I'm totally with you on the Fiskars topic. I have been a Fiskateer for ages already. When my scissors arrived, I thought it was the happiest day ever. But then. Wait for it. Another pair arrived. Some kind of accounting error or something. That day became the happiest day ever.

  8. I agree with you 100%. I love my fiskars scissors. I love being a fiskateer and have my personalized scissors in a prominent place in my tool tote.


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