Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Magic

This post is rated F for Fairies. I know some of you (Emily) are scared of them, so I want to warn you of fairy content so that you can look away... :)

Remember the first time you saw the Wizard of Oz and it went from black and white to color? Was that not magic?? Don't you wish you could do that in real life?

That's what this image reminded me of. I loved fairy stories when I was little and I love the idea of sparkly little Tinkerbells painting our wildflowers.

I used Roxie's sketch challenge for the layout, and colored the image with C3 and C5 Copics, and a YR16. Then I added glitter and used some old Halloween DSP to coordinate with my grey & orange. The set and the paper are retired.
These magical moments are everywhere you know. The other day, after my monthly stampy meeting with Yvonne and Chris, I decided to take one of the QUEEN of organization's ideas (Yvonne's) and take my giant stacks and stacks of retired 12x12 DSP I've been hoarding and cut it into 6x6, which is the more sensible and useful size for cardmakers.

I took it a step further, and made it into ingenious pads, which you can see in this video, which I made very late at night when I was working on the Fan Club gallery and had to whisper.

If you don't see a video player above, click here for this exciting, and very quiet, video.

One whole drawer of DSP yielded two of these 6x6 pads, and since each drawer will fit at least 8, I should cut my storage space into about a fourth of what it takes up now. How about THAT for a dollar?? Magic, yes?


  1. I have to tell you I was cracking up at your WHISPERING during your video! Not only was I SQUINTING at the screen to try and make you louder in my head...but this is a completely different ears almost did not recognize you!

    I love your coloring of the fairie and her flower! Brilliant! Love the combonation of papers! Pure awesomeness!

  2. Love the colour combo Lydia...shhh
    I was smiling hearing you whisper, like a teeny fairie.

  3. WHAT A TINY LITTLE VOICE YOU HAVE - giggle. Thought this was a fantastic idea - I have BOXES full of 12 X 12 paper - haven't touched them - too much trouble and I don't know what colors are where. Tonight I'm pulling it all out - grabbing the cutter - and making some useable pads. You are my hero o fearless leader of the teeny tiny voice.

  4. I'm a fairy lover, too. Just got some adorable ones over at Stampin Bella that I think I'll use for tomorrow's blog post. Your paper pad is ingenious! Not only is my retired DSP hoarded as well, some are still in the original plastic wrap. Lol. Thx for the push to bring them up to the light... *smile*

  5. Stunning card. LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout & the grays with orange... and you are a freakin genius with your paper pads. wowzers


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