Friday, February 4, 2011



REALLY!!! It snowed night before last and I woke up to a good two inches of gorgeous, powdery, ski-worthy snow.

Although this fact is clearly a sign of the apocalypse, I enjoyed it immensely! When I got up, I busted out my white trash Texas ice scraper - a hotel key from my trip to Nashville, and I scraped a head sized hole on my windshield. There is no point in scraping anything larger than that for several reasons:
  • I don't have any gloves
  • I'm not going very far
  • It will be 70 degrees in a few hours
I then enjoyed for a few moments in my driveway that special and beautiful silence that only snow can bring. I love that particular silence more than any silence.

Then I set out on my journey to Starbucks, blazing a trail in the snow and ice on my untraveled street. I almost hoped to run into Matlock or someone else who could solve a mystery with just tracks in our unusual snow.

Fortified by what I'm certain was only three, not four, shots of espresso I returned to begin my snow day. This necessitated some Immaculate Baking Company Cranberry Orange Scones, just to make life worth living while snowbound.

Since I telecommute, I did not get a day off. But I did manage to make my customary, once every 50 years tiny snowman.

And I decided to make a card commemorating that thing which is especially important during these dark, cold, quiet days - CAFFEINE!!How fun is that little teabag? I just folded that out of vellum paper and just stapled some twine from my pantry to it. The stamps are from Morning Cup, and the paper is Crumb Cake and First Edition (with the Scalloped Border Punch and Early Espresso ribbon) And I colored the teapot with markers to look like that enamelware you use when you're camping. And by "you're" - I do mean you. I don't sleep outside. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but that is where they keep the scorpions and stuff. In the "outside". No thank you.

Hope you have a fun Saturday afternoon!


  1. your humor just kills me...but i suspect it's simply the retelling of real-life events and a slightly twisted brain behind it that makes it funny.

  2. HA! Me no sleep outside, either. Got that all out of my system in Girl Scouts. :)

  3. SnOw sorry you didn't get a proper snow day, it was 3 days before I could move my car out of it's icy white prison after the blizzard here. I posted a picture of the snowy slammer here:

    Love the enamelware, you're so talented with those markers. And I am with you when it comes to sleeping outdoors, though as a cub scout mom I'm obliged for at least a few more years. But I would rather be in my house than a critter/bug house.

  4. Love the enamelware - you are a cowboy at heart! And you don't really want to know how much snow I am looking at here in upstate NY.....and it is still coming down! But it does clean everything up nicely!

  5. I love the complete subjectivity of snow reactions :) Your tiny snowman is adorable, as is your card.

    Meanwhile, it just snowed four inches here. In about two hours. On top of the foot that fell the other day.

    Off to see if I can make my own tiny snowman from the snow on top of our mailbox!

  6. I am totally with you. Before I got married I made sure that my hubby knew that I am an "inside" girl, and my idea of "roughing it" means that the hotel doesn't have a coffee maker directly in my room.

    Love the teensy snowman...perfect for the teensy amount of snow that we got. The card is super cute as usual!

  7. TWO INCHES? My, my what a tale of survival! Get the Packers out of Texas - they bring that snow with them.

  8. Thanks so much for the link to the Immaculate Baking Co. I've been craving cranberry-orange scones for ages! Now I know where to order them.

  9. I love your blog. Period. And I don't have snow unless I drive to it in the Sierra Mountains. So cute your snowman! Stay warm, Lydia!

  10. Snow!!! Lydia, I ADORE your little snowman.

  11. You're so funny!! We New Yorkers are about to lose our minds because we have so much snow (storm every week since Christmas) that we just can't stand it any more. And guess what, major storm coming on Thursday! Oh what a shock. I figure I'll actually be able to see the ground in my yard again, hmm, some time in May - maybe - lol. Right now it looks like an ice skating rink.

  12. Love this post - just getting to it today! Can you send me some of those scones - they sound absolutely delicious!
    And that vellum teabag? That is just so cute! Love how you put the coffee pot on the front of it.

  13. Love you snowman! Love your blog! Most of all, love your card creations!

  14. You did a great job with that coffee pot cuz it brought back memories of my late grandmother. She insisted on stopping in the middle of our 3 hr vacation drive to Galveston to whip out her Coleman stove and make coffee and eggs on the side of the road (which my father indulged her in and my mother, who was relegated to the back seat with her four kids while my grandmother sat in front with my father.....she shook her head.) Yes, your lovely card brought back this gem of a memory. *smile*

  15. You are just so amazing in SOOOOoooh many ways: it defies description. LuuuuuuuhVE this card (the tea bag velum mat, the saying, THE Genius enamelware markering OMGosh!) and the bebe snow man (GRIN) and of course (as always) your ineffably clever-funny-personable-beyond-belief writing! giggle giggle!

  16. LOL . . .my hubby is going on a camping trip to Arizona in two weeks . . . I'm with you . . . I don't sleep outside . . . . I'm more afraid of the "two" legged critters than I am those with "multiple" legs! Love your camp "coffee pot" so adorable and it does resemble enamelware. {{{hgus}}}


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