Friday, October 9, 2009


Wake up!! It's Friday!!! Or Finally Friday, as it's known to many of you. Unlike what you see this photo, Splotchy is not much of a waker upper cat. He cries when my alarm goes off. I may have told you this. He has been so upset about the getting up this week that he's actually resorted to smothering me with his belly. He is very careful to cover my nose and my mouth at the same time.

Anyway, another goodie for the craft fair.. Simple simple card that I copied from Teneale Williams, one of my fave stampers EVER. Her card was much more beautiful and layered and embellished. I just stole the inside of her card for the outside of mine.
Love me some blue and black, I do. :) There's glitter in the center of each flower, which of course the laws of photography prevent you from seeing.

This is a two minute card for your busy life :)

Happy Friday. Tomorrow is Caturday and I can't wait! Tonight, studio cleaning, tomorrow, playing with new stamps!

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  1. I love a good CASE. Bea-u-ti-ful! I, of course, do not own this stamp set, so I cannot CASE yours. You are safe. ;-)

    And so funny about the Splotchito smothering you so he can stay in bed. HA!

    WV: kidatu. Once you have a kidatu, you learn that what you say comes out of their mouths eventually. (I wanted to figure out how to say "Shaddup or I'll throw my kidatu." without having the police come after me.)

  2. Love the card! I am still researching what law of physics the glitter/photography thing falls under. Probably something about the fact that light exhibits attributes of both wave and particle theory. Either that or the little gremlin in your camera just doesn't like glitter. your alternative sentence! Have a great day!

  3. bottom left corner....i see da glitterz! It's winking at me!

    I love this card so much, I do not have this stamp set. I pout. LOL!

    So pretty!

  4. Beautiful card Lydia! Have a great day.

  5. Splotchy aka Roarshak is obviouslie trying to tell yoo one of three things...
    -yoo have vary bad morning breath that needs to be contayned
    -yoo snore vary lowd in the morning and yoo need to be more respektful
    -yoo are not prioritizing yer life propurlie. Cat THAN yerself.

    And yer card is vary beeeutiful. It wuld be even more beautiful if it was more playful...yoo know bells and strings to attak. That wuld be a grate card!

  6. Lydia,

    Loving that card! I have that set, so I will have to case you, sorry.

    Wow you got to play with new stamps on Caturday, wish I was you. I got to go watch little girls ages 10-12 from beastie land show my daughter's soccer team that they have no freaking idea what good sportsmanship is, thus one of our girls had to visit a hopsital emergency room after the game. Urgh, what do some people or coaches teach girls these days?!

    Ok, with that said, Splotchy smothering you in the mornings........hmmmmmmmmmm. SHE wants you to stay in bed with HER longer each morning and give HER more attention. That's the best I can come up with today.


    Lisa Atha


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