Sunday, October 18, 2009

Forget Spooky Nights...

How about spooky DAYS??

I came across this terrifying mushroom yesterday on my walk. LOOK how big it is!! I almost broke my ankle sprinting away after I took this picture because I'm pretty sure it's carnivorous. Plus, I swear I heard it hiss. *shudder*

I later found out it's called a Jack O'Lantern mushroom. How appropriate, given that it's almost Halloween!
So I thought I'd make you a spooky little card to go with it. In non traditional colors, just to make it spookier!

To make the raven medallion, I thought a little crackle would be nice. After crackling I rubbed Not Quite Navy ink in the cracks. And how about that rat border punch - SPOOKY! The color scheme is courtesy of the Noveau Chic paper I used - I haven't used Sage Shadow in a long time - I think it looks so cool with the grey and black.
Stamps: Graveyard Gala, Halloween Frights Ink: White Craft, Basic Black Paper: Noveau Chic, Basic Black, Sage Shadow
Accessories: Word Window Punch, 1.75" Circle Punch, Rat border punch, Organdy Ribbon, Crackle Glaze

All supplies (except rat border and glaze) Stampin' Up!

Hope you're not too scared by my mushroom to have a great Sunday!!

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  1. That is one scary mushroom alright!!! Love the card though, that rat punch is perfect!

  2. Lydia,

    Mmmmmmmm, love that color scheme on your card! Those colors do look cool together. Love the card in general!

    Yuck on the mushroom! Gives me the heebie geebies!


    Lisa Atha

  3. I think that mushroom is really cool. Is it poisinous? I think that I would want to bring it home and dry it out! Now that would be spooky.

    Cool card and that rat boarder is gross!!!!

    I hat rodents of any kind. Give me a snake any day.

    Have a great day!

  4. I like the mushroom. BACK AWAY FROM THE MUSHROOM! It's MINE- all MINE!

    And yes, the colors of the card are way cool- as is the card itself!

    WV- dromacar- automobiles that dromas like me drive around in.

    Yes, I am a droma- a cross between a ma and a drone. And I drive a car. A lot. And I am a mom. A lot. And I am a housedrone. A lot.

  5. Lydia, I looked up that mushroom and the interwebs says that it GLOWS every so slightly in the dark! Once your eyes adjust you can supposedly see a green glow from the gills underneath. How cool is that? Let us know if you see the glow!


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