Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get ILL Soon!!

Bwaha!! Come on, you know you've had this thought. I kind of hoped this lady at Joann's would bust out with the Swine Flu right before my eyes the other day. She was SO MEAN to me. I was asking her about the Ott Lights and I could swear that when I was saying "Do you know if there's a display out so I can see how big the base is?" that to her it sounded like "Hey - I have a monkey - will you change its diaper?" because she kept treating me like an insane lobotomized leper. I didn't like it. I wanted her to get just a little cough or something to teach her a lesson. I wish I HAD had a poopy monkey I could have flung at her.

Anyway, you remember Auntie Princess? Well she asked us stampy types the other day if someone made "Get Ill Soon" cards. I'm SURE she had someone in mind when she asked it. Hilarious. Anyway, as things like this do, it evolved into a blog hop challenge, and so here you are, with your swine flu mask, checking out some smart alecky Get Ill Soon cards.

I found myself wishing that I had little germ stamps. I looked through all my monster stamps and even my shape stamps trying to see if I could make some scary bacteria and viruses out of them but I couldn't find anything. So I decided to go the old fashioned route and just do a drawing for the blog hop.

I busted out my Stampin' Up! watercolor paper and used a Copic Multiliner for the drawing. These are amazing because they are pigment pens, and are water and copic proof, so you can color them with anything. I love them so much.

A few times, Splotchy stepped in to give me his artistic input. He's so helpful.
With his help, I finally ended up with a very scary collection of germs on a flesh colored background - mmmwwwaaahhhaaaa!
I drew a little border around them and mounted them on Basic Black Cardstock, edged with some fun ribbon I got in the dollar bin. Apparently it has magical powers because then Splotchy fell asleep on it.
Splotchy would like to direct you to the next stop on the blog hop but he's still sleeping. So I'll tell you. You will be traveling to Canada to visit my friend Sue Farrant - better bring a jacket!!

Have fun, don't get sick and have a great Sunday!

If you need the start of the hop, just click here.

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  1. Ewww. Creepy germs and a sleepy kitteh! Only YOU could come up with cute germs! HA!

    WV: slymayo. Um, I dunno. Maybe some mayo that snuck into your "no mayo, please" sammy?

  2. next time i get sick, i would like to be sick with these little critters ok?

    These germs are fantastic,

    They'd be so great in a children's book about washing hands and getting sick.

  3. CUTEST little germs EVAH!! :D But I can totally relate to wanting to fling nastiness at mean people because, ultimately, mean people suck. And, they deserve monkey poo.

    Love, love loooove this!!


  4. You are so stinkin' creative!! Love how you drew the little germies! I love it when your kittehs are in your posts! SO CUTE!

    Awesome card!!!

  5. Hahahahaha! You guys are makiny my day! I love your little germs! Who knew germs could be so cute? :)

  6. Lydia,

    OMG! I suppose hocking up a good spit and thrusting out at that mean lady would have been a little rude, huh?! Darn! You should have called her out on her bad attitude, or asked for a manager!

    Ok, I am not just saying this, but those extremely awesome germs would make an awesome get well soon stamp set! Seriously!

    Completely cute card and kitteh photos.


    The Cat Whisperer

  7. OMGosh you are hilarious! The germs are too funny! What a great imagination you have to draw them out that way.

  8. You know there is a radio station that plays across the US that wishes "diarrhea" on people. Elvis Duran in the Morning. It seems that is well worth a call :)

  9. So sweet that you captured the little furry angel helping you. I can so relate.

  10. I love these cute little guys. I should have known that if you didn't have a stamp that you could draw something even cuter!!!

    Love your sweet little kitty and I guess I need to make more space on my desk for my fur baby she would love me forever.

    I hope that I made you laugh somehow this monday.



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