Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Balloon (girl) Tutorial

I confess. It was a hoax.

I was not actually in that balloon. I did not go zipping across the continental divide in a mylar balloon from Walgreens.

I just wanted a stamping reality TV Show!!

So I'm really sorry if you thought I was zipping through the sky in a piece of tinfoil and you were worried about me. I was safe in the attic with my Big Shot making you a card.

You're not mad at me are you??

But seriously - if you want to give me a stamping reality show, I'm available. I will not eat bugs or be someone's weird maid/nanny/wife or make out with someone by a pool with tacky colored lights. Actually I won't eat anything I don't want to and I probably won't do anything else I don't want to do. That's MY reality - how do you like that?? But I will stamp my little butt off for you.

Like I did for you today.

My friend and fabby downline, Angelique, came across an amazing blog she shared with me today, and it got me feeling all pink and foofy. This woman's work is like the best candy you've ever had!!

So I came home and tried something.

I ran some old Pale Plum scrap through my big shot with my fave die. Srsly. I know I say everything is my favorite because everything is, but I love this dang Bird and Leaves die!! Now I wanted to use it as a stencil, so I had to deal with the other pieces.

Good thing I have some leopard tape!

I just taped down the other pieces so that when I sponged I wouldn't have any stray sponging, and I got to work.

First, I cut a white Top Note. Then, I sponged Pretty in Pink and Chocolate Chip in the bird stencil.

Leaving the stencil in place, I stamped the big image from Fresh Cuts in chocolate chip over the whole bird. First, I did it with just the script part, but it wasn't defined enough - so I decided to include that leaf part for visual interest.

Next, I stamped over all that with Pretty in Pink, stamped off once, with the Fresh Cuts image.

Stamps: Fresh Cuts Ink: Chocolate Chip, Pretty in Pink Paper: Whisper White, Chocolate Chip, Patterned Paper (Basic Grey Indian Summer) Accessories: Rhinestone Brad, Rub On, Word Window Punch, Big Shot, Top Note Die, Birds & Leaves Die, Stampin' Sponge, Ribbon
All supplies Stampin' up! unless otherwise noted.

Foofy enough? I love pink and brown. I think they look edible!

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What are YOU guys up to? Leave me a story about what you've been doing while I was in the balloon. The best story wins a box of Sweet Treat Cups! How about that?? I miss you guys and I'd love to know what you've been doing to get yourself a reality show!!!


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  1. Wow, absolutely wow. I'm almost speechless! B : )

  2. As usual, awesome card. While u have been ballooning, I've been playing cat whisperer for Cat Haven. We are over capacity with returns how can people return a pet after years because a girlfriend doesn't like the cat?)and also with black cats (Halloween in La, enough said). Trying to see who gets along so we can buddy them up in rooms. Some don't like other cats, some tolerate each other, some love everyone. Some eat special food, etc. Exhausting and time consuming for an all volunteer group. But I love it. Need to become independantly wealthy so I can do it all the time.

  3. when i saw PP in the picture, i thought you'd inhaled too much fiberglass in the attic. i know how much you hate that color. but when i saw the final product, i almost gasped. STUNNING! are you going to make a bunch of these for your fair? they'll get snatched up like candy corn!

    while you were away, i was makin' coffee and cutting card stock. not very exciting but it's payin' the bills. oh and i found my wedding rings that i thought were gone forever. that was spectacular and very exciting!

    glad you're back. you were missed. no more stunts, ya hear?

  4. I LOVELOVELOVE that bird! Man, now I really need to BUY it.

    WV: hyisoma. Someone named Oma could say, "Hyisoma, how are you?" Okay, lame one. I tried.

  5. lets see while you were hiding out and I was worrying about you I was just trying to keep sane! I did get a chance to bake yesterday and I made some really yummy cupcakes for a baking contest at work today. It took me 3 batches of different recipes to get it right but now I think that I might have a chance at winning. I will send you a picture text.

    I am glad that you are safe and sound and it looks like your mojo is super fantastic! I love the beautiful card.


  6. nice card! Funny post!

  7. Gorgeous card! Question - how did you stamp the inside of the bird leaving the edge around the stamped area?

  8. Lydia,

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Love those colors together!

    Lisa Atha

  9. Hi Lydia,
    stopping by form Just B's blog and her awesome write up about you today :-)


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