Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear..

IT'S MAKE ME LAUGH MONDAY!! I know you thought I forgot, but I didn't! And I really should have posted this before work this morning so that you could make each other laugh all day because MAN - Mondays are hard!!

But, you guys stay up later than I do, so you can giggle at each other's comments until the wee hours if you wanna.

Anyway, what I have been giggling about it what pops into my head every time I play with this amazing flocked paper from the mini catalog... It's fuzzy, which is a word I can't hear without doing this..

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Had no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Wasn't fuzzy, was he?

BWAAHHHAA - it cracks me up EVERY TIME!! I know - I'm easily amused!!

Anyway, this card is a total case from my friend Marie, whom I adore completely. Her cards are so clean and crisp. So I had to borrow this fuzzy wuzzy one for my craft fair. The flocked paper is amazing and you MUST buy it immediately - it's the Christmas Cocoa DSP. Get it. Now.
Stamps: Teeny Tiny Wishes Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Christmas Cocoa Ink: Real Red
Accessories: Ornament Punch, Top Note Die, Big Shot, Silver Elastic Cord
All Supplies Stampin' Up!

You gotta love something that quick and easy and pretty. Thanks Marie! And then, from my friend Lisa, of PaperGrace. (@papergrace on Twitter). An amazingly sweet woman who has been sooo generous to me, she sent me a complete surprise this week that was so good I almost died.It was two caramel apples from Ethel M. Chocolates. O M G. These are the best caramel apples I've ever had, and trust me, I've had some.

The most perfect caramel apples I've ever had. They both had the most amazing, chewy, buttery caramel in the world. One had peanuts and one had pecans. I actually can't pick which was better. You need to get your paws on these. It's fall, after all. Thanks Lisa - xoxoxoxo. You are too sweet to me.

Finally, for the chills of the week, in case you haven't seen this amazing video - it just disassembles me. Turn your speakers up. God Bless America!
(If you don't see a video player where you're reading, click here.)

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  1. My, my, my! Is this a group of kids? There is another video with older girls singing, "That's Right, You're Not From Texas". ;-)

    Oh, and nice card. :-)

  2. Love the card and those little girls! I wish I could just carry them all around in my purse and hear them sing anytime I needed a pick-me-up.

    OK, here is a little observation I had a few days ago at the Starbucks. I saw a pirate. I know he was a pirate based on the following evidence:

    1. He wore a scarf. The scarf did not wear him, he pulled it off like Johnny Depp playing Cap'n Jack Sparrow. Speaking as a woman who cannot pull off a scarf that well, I have to say I was a bit jealous.

    2. He had a parrot. At the Starbucks. Kinda like having a baby in a bar. The best part was that the parrot just perched all of its cuteness on the back of one of the patio chairs, patiently waiting for his Captain to sit down so he could move to the guy's shoulder. Why? Because that is what pirate parrots do.

    3. He performed a useful service while making it look like he was actually looting and pillaging. Everyone knows that even the most grizzled pirate has a little soft spot in his heart, way, deep down. Sort of like the nougaty center of a candy bar. Well, I thought this pirate was about to steal one of the patio tables (pillaging), but he actually went to his tool box (treasure chest) in the back of his truck and got out a socket set to fix the wobbly thing. Then he and his parrot left for fair seas and following winds.

    Thus ends my expose on the Pirate of South Austin. Stay tuned next week when I write about the Westlake Indian.

  3. LOL Kim! Hilarious!

    I have to say I had never heard of the "Cactus Cuties" but OH MY GOSH they sing a Capella like angels! I had to listen to their other YouTube videos and they are amazing. Thank you for sharing that awesome video!

    Very cute card, too! I've been in the Christmas card mood a lot lately! Can't believe it's coming up on us so fast.

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. OMG! I so love that card! Send me one pretty pretty please!!! Geez, no I gotta add that paper to my wish list. You evil enabler you! Kidding, I love ya no matter how much you enable.

    Sorry, as usual I have nothing to make you laugh. So sorry. But I do love that card. So awesome.


    Lisa aka...The Cat Whisperer

  5. Oh MY! I grew UP with Fuzzy Wuzzy!!

    when I was little,I had the little 45 record, and used to play it OVA and OVA forever!!
    Til one BAD day, when I accidently BROKE something belonging to my little MEAN mommy taught me (an unnecessary) lesson, and she BROKE Fuzzy Wuzzy record in half...I CRIED for DAYS!!!
    I dont think I have forgiven her yet...
    I cant believe you brought up Fuzzy Wuzzy!!! LOL

  6. Hey there! Loved the girls singing...they gave me the chills with all their talent!

    Here is a funny one for you, although being a Facebooker you most likely have seen it already. It cracks me up every time...the cat under the sink...

  7. LOL Kim! Where was the pirate in South Austin. I don't usually go that far south of the river these days but I'll look out for him! :)

    I'm about to check out the girls singing right now. I'm sure it will be fantastic!

  8. That's so awesome that you CASE'd my card!! I love it when people CASE me - it really makes my day (and today has been a CRAPPY one - so THANK YOU!!!!)!!!! Also, when I saw your post title pop up in my google reader, I started saying that poem - I used to say it all the time when I was little. AND...that video is awesome. I've seen it floating around FB. Those girls are AMAZING and as I said on FB, I hope that they get to sing the National Anthem at any venue that will have them because having heard it MANY times being in the military and now a military spouse, this is one of the best renditions I have ever heard. :) TFS!!!!

  9. Hey Badger Momma!

    The South Austin Pirate was at Starbucks in Brodie Oaks...on South Lamar. The Westlake Indian is at the Starbucks in the Target at Mopac and 290. I usually see him on Saturday mornings around 9 a.m. or so. (He has even been mentioned on the radio, so I know I wasn't imagining him.) ;-)

  10. What beautiful, pure voices, and what a wonderful song that can never be heard too many times. No need to worry - those little girls and their peers will lead our nation to a bright future.

    And what an adorable card. I love birds with long, skinny legs.


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