Thursday, October 29, 2009

If it Doesn't Have to be White...

Or black, or green or whatever it's supposed to be.

You know how everyone brings gifts to weddings all wrapped in about 4 variations of the same paper. Off white/white, ornate patterns or stripes, silver bows - you know.

Well what if in the middle of that big pile of Macy's sameness, you plopped something wrapped in red and white polka dots? Tiffany blue with white birds?

It would be the design coup of the decade. You would end up on the Design Sponge site, or Swiss Miss or something.

So do it.

Make your next wedding card, um... HOT PINK, maybe, okay?
Stamps: For the Bride (retired) Ink: Craft White Paper: Sahara Sand, Basic Grey Indian Summer
: Prima Flowers, self adhesive rhinestones, Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon, Rubon

I don't know, it's just a thought.

Happy Friday, everyone. Loveyameanitbye

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  1. It turned out soooo pretty!!! I love it! Phooey with vanilla wedding cards!

  2. Pea thinks this is exquisitely beautiful! WOW!!!

  3. What?! No blue? Not even a stray blue gem?

    I lovelovelove the idea of "not white"! Gonna do that if I ever get invited to another wedding!

    WV: After that hunan chicken for lunch, my breath is no longer minte fresh.

  4. Great idea! Your card is just beautiful.

  5. Lydia,

    I think it is gorgeous! I agree with snubbing traditional colors. Hey, why not Blue or Purple?


    Lisa Atha

  6. She's gonna loooove this card! It's gorgeous and unexpected, and did I mention gorgeous!? udabest


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