Thursday, January 31, 2008

What was I thinking??

Really??? I was reorganizing my stamp room - not the BIG re-org I need and haven't had time to do, but a really superficial and necessary shuffling and I found some hoarded paper - what the heck? Oodles of Holiday Thyme and Halloween Night Designer Series paper!! Does anyone remember me babbling about some sort of paperless apocalypse I thought was coming in the fall? Would you tell me if you did? What if I'm crazy??? (NO COMMENTS PLEASE :)) Seriously.

Pam and Chriss and I are always talking about our hoarding tendencies, but good golly people. This is retarded. Anyway, my loss is your gain. One package of each is going to this week's highest order. I have my club on Saturday, plus I have some out of towners who are placing orders, so I am including everyone and anyone who wants to place an order this week.

I'm also going to give away one package of each to anyone who posts a link to the cutest Easter project in the world. The poster has to create it and post a link as a comment. Preferably some sort of little treat/gift, but it can also be a card. Whatever makes me go awwwwwwwwww the loudest wins. :)

Have fun!
I'm going to try to post today's project later, but I just saw that Blogger will be down for a bit today, and LOST premiere party is tonight, so if I don't do it today I'll catch you tomorrow.

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  1. Ok, I *JUST* found your blog. I KNOW!! Where have I been? Anyway, I realize that this post was probably months ago, but seriously, NO COMMENTS??!! Come on, people!! So, here's my sorry attempt to get the biggest AWWWWWW, and maybe a pack of paper I really don't need:

    GREAT blog! TFS!!


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