Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking News!

It's true - there's breaking news!! I snapped these pics in Oak Hill where a freeway comes down to an end at a stoplight. Somehow this fella had some sort of malfunction and went barreling through the intersection, assaulting this beautiful tree and ending up just a few feet from the oncoming lanes of traffic. Happy to be your reporter on the scene!!

Okay remember I told you to save the frame from your sticky letter? This is why.. It's great for sponging, tracing, or in this case, using as a stencil for the Stampin Up! Color Spritzer tool. Just attach a marker, puff air through the tool and get this great spatter effect!

The arrow from the new punch exactly accents the Genuine article stamp and works nicely with the rubons and the 1/4" round punch. I took the top of a build a brad and adhered it to some Bali Breeze paper to stick on the new striped ribbon. Fun, eh?

This is my January 22 card. If you aren't already on my mailing list, email me - I'll send you one of the daily cards I post here! :)

Jenn commented about training on the new catalog - bingo sister! Back in the old days when no one got the catalog until convention, not only did it add a really fun near-hysteria to the event, but we then spent the next three days learning the products in depth and using them ourselves. We went home ready to be experts for people who were seeing the products for the first time. I am so excited they're going back to this format. You really can't appreciate some of the accessories until you've had them in your hot little paw for the first time!!

Okay, so this is the time of year in Texas when we like to complain about our "winter." Let me define that for you folks outside of the great republic of Texas. It goes like this - after 330 pretty darn nice days, mostly sunny, some a little warm, a few where you get bit by a scorpion or see someone being swarmed by fire ants, more than a few where you sit outside to eat for weeks - months - at a time, most where the big sky comes all the way down to the ground around you like a big heavenly blue bowl ... comes "winter." 35 days of the most heinously miserable, Solzhenitsyn style grey, wet, bone chilling cold, during which people completely forget how to drive, floor their cars with no hands on the wheel (presumably they're sitting on them because they're cold) and proceed to slam into each other in a way that reminds you of something in an amusement park in hell. Cedar pollen makes everyone look like they're crying and we all speak in a whisper. Even the scorpions get depressed and slink around with their tails down making little sighing sounds, and tiny scorpion sneezes from the cedar pollen.

I'm not even exaggerating. Your heart would break if you heard a cold wet scorpion sneezing!!


More to come..

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