Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Really, it is..

Well, maybe not THE sweetest thing, but close. You know, behind baby bunnies, and quite possibly the secret gift I made for my hostesses for Saturday's club meeting - that's pretty sweet! I'd love to post a pic, but I CAN'T BECAUSE I KNOW THEY WILL PEEK, THOSE WASCALLY HOSTESSES! I will post that plus the club projects Saturday or Sunday.

So I'm posting the January 14th project - a tin (actually an empty build a brad tin from Stampin' Up!) that I embellished with a rub-on (ooooh, I love the white ones!!) and some wide grosgrain and a flower & pearl from the pretties kit. Inside - chocolate, of course, wrapped with 1 x 3 strips of Designer Series Paper (DSP) from Stampin' Up! I think this would make a sassy valentine's present!

More shortly.

1 comment:

  1. are those extra creamy toffee and almond Hershey's nuggets in there? if H. can make their milk chocolate that creamy, why don't they do that all the time? those are ADDICTIVE!!

    hey, news flash...1/2" of snow in GA closes schools. there is rain forecasted overnight, which could freeze, but come on! i guess southerners aren't equipped for these kinds of "weather". back home, we'd call this an annoyance, not weather.


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