Monday, January 28, 2008

After a little sunny break...

Which was stunning - I call it "Sunny Sunday" - we have been dropped back into mini Texas winter. Ick. Grey. Fog. Drizzle. Chill. The DMV for a few hours to top that all off! (insert scorpion sneezing and angry government workers here.)
Oh - speaking of government workers, why does every candidate say that people who work in Washington are horrible ... and they're applying for a job in Washington? Does that make sense to anyone? "I'm an outsider - vote for me.. so I can be an insider"??? Makes no sense. If I had a Sunday morning talk show I'd totally ask everybody that. Then we would talk about their favorite foods. Because frankly, the rest of it is just boring.
Here are the Jan 27th & 28th projects. The first is the Happy Little Red Bird CASE actually in red! This is sassy with that fun red DSP.
Then, my version of the chop stick book from Leadership. If you would like the pattern for this elegant book, you have two choices - come to my camp this Saturday and make one yourself or email me for the recipe. It's so easy and is going to make a great little gift.
I saw The Orphanage last night. I was expecting a regular horror flick, but it was a lot more than that. A very well done, pretty and sad Spanish film with subtitles. If you can handle the occasional jumps out of your seat, the story will squeeze your heart. It did ours. See it.

Happy Monday!

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