Monday, January 14, 2008

@ Home in the Stamp Room

Hello!! All my orders arrived while I was gone so I will be cutting out a lot of stamps!

I cut out a few images I just couldn't wait for and here's a little ditty that we saw demonstrated at Leadership.

The star is created with the two punches, and my picture doesn't show the colors well but that is mounted on soft sky, then Real Red and Old Olive CS. AND COULD THAT CANDY STRIPED RIBBON BE ANY FREAKING BETTER????

So this will be my January 12th card. Stay tuned for catch up. Several of them will have to wait until Sunday because I'm making them for my club projects this Saturday and I don't want to spoil the surprise(s).

I wish I could make 80 club projects with all the cute stuff I saw, but I will pace myself!
Don't forget - every card for my 365 card project that I post here this year will go to someone on my mailing list. Are you on my mailing list? If not, email me your address and I will add you and send you a card! :)
Happy Monday!

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  1. Is that a new blog banner?? Am I just out of touch? How fun to relive the tram ride. Thanks for that! It was a total blast! The beer was tasty as well. Nice job recapping leadership, I've got perma-grin as I am reminded of how awesome it all was! It was so great to see you. Can't wait til our secret meeting!


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