Saturday, January 26, 2008

Surreal Saturday

Really. It was.
It started with my last trip to Whataburger. Long story. Then, my sister and I went down to our public access TV station to pick up some lighting to film a stamping show! Seriously! We'll see what happens there. Then we went to the KLBJ Talk Fest at the convention center and the surreal really began to set it. Clark Howard was there - who doesn't love Clark Howard?? Love that guy! He was talking about how he found a free parking spot and got a $12 rental car! There were other talk radio celebrities there, including George Noory and our local faves - Rob Balon, Jeff Ward and others. So we get our pic taken with George Noory, who was very very nice and had some spectacularly expensive shoes on. And while waiting in line, we are exposed to some extremely surreal and interesting folks, as I'm sure you can imagine. They are all very eager to tell Mr. Noory their alien abduction stories! One fella tells us that at 3 AM while driving in Utah, some UFO in the shape of a flying V passes over his car, and he films it, but... wait for it ..... it doesn't show up on film. I am not making this up. Keep Austin weird baby. Keep it weird.

Anyway, after that we came home, set up the lighting and did a few episodes of the stamping show in my living room. Since I'm totally gonna be the next Martha Stewart (I wish!!) I thought I'd share a few pictures of the "studio" so you can say you knew me when I was nobody. :)

So today's card was inspired by the insanely, excessively talented Dawn McVey - this woman is amazing. Here is the inspiration she gave me. I, of course, took her lovely creation and turned it blue. I think it's such a simple and inspired layout. Check the rest of her blog for other beautiful stuff with this set - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SET SU! HAS EVER COME OUT WITH! I feel the need to yell about the "Always" stamp set. I do. It's okay to yell if you're just excited and not crabby!!
Thanks to all of you who have emailed me about Spotty. I had to start all her "stuff" last night, including giving her IV fluids, which I was a miserable failure at and feel bad about. Hopefully I will be better qualified tomorrow when I have to do it again. I had to give her a few pills today too - eek. She hates me. I do think she's feeling a little better though, because she's eating more and seems perkier, so I'm trying to focus on that. I just wish she could talk so I could tell her what was going on!! Anyway, you guys are all very sweet and I appreciate you! I hope you're having a great weekend.
I have lots more stuff to post tomorrow, including next weekend's camp projects, barring any procrastination!!
PS - there's a SSSSSSSSSS meeting coming up so I'll have a secret challenge swap to post soon. The rule was, you had to use a color combination from the Bali Breeze paper. You dont' have to use the paper - just a color combo from any of the sheets. If you would like to play along - post a link to your creation as a comment here!!
Happy stamping, everyone.

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  1. you have your own TV show?!?!? that's AWESOME!!! good for you for giving it a whirl...i will call in my favors later, when you're famous.

    LOVE the card! will be using the layout. thanks for the link to more!

    don't worry about spotty. she may be cranky, but you're doing what's best for her, and, just like we people do when we realize that someone's helping us, she'll come around.


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