Wednesday, January 23, 2008

G - that's glittery!!

Okay - I recognize that I am a little behind, and I apologize. There has been a frenzy of activity and meetings over the past week, so this is really the first time I've gotten to be creative in a bit. So first, let me say "aahhhhhhh!" Second, this is the January 21st card. It is using the FABULOUS new Sticky Cuts letters from Stampin' Up! If you're familiar with sticky strip (I hope you are!) it's a sheet of the same material with die cuts of letters and shapes - amazing idea! Combine that with the new ultrafine cosmo glitter in Rose Pink, and SHAZAAM!! You have a very sassy card!! I used Bali Breeze DSP (cut 2.5 inches too long and then folded back to reveal the pattern on the reverse side, and Purely Pomegranate and Chocolate Chip cardstock, Chocolate Chip satin ribbon. It's so glittery and sparkly IRL!!! (In real life)

Since this is the first time I've used these, I thought I would share some tips with you. The first is from my friend Kathy and it's really important - to position your letter or shape on your project, you will want to leave the letter attached to the sheet! So cut out a little frame (including the letter) from your sheet and keep it all together. Do not remove the pink top sheet yet. Remove the WHITE backing from your letter ONLY, and stick it down to your project. Why? Because manipulating just a loose sticky letter by itself is really hard and distorts the letter. Bad. So the frame really helps!! After you stick it down, carefully peel off the frame that still has it's backing. Now your letter is on the project, with the pink cover sheet still on top. Use your bone folder to securely press down all the edges of the letter to the cardstock. You can remove that pink top layer now and apply glitter or micro beads to the sticky letter. When I put the cosmo glitter on, I pressed it into the letter to be sure every part of the sticky was covered. This glitter is so fine and glorious!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the process that may help you - I hope so! I also hope to catch up on my other cards today! PS - hang onto the frame you have - you'll see how I use it in another project!!! :)

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  1. oh my word, where have i been? how did i miss these? i think it's going to be good that the new catalogs will debut at the conventions because then the bigwigs can highlight stuff we should know about! this is awesome!


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