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VIDEO: Layering Stencils on Black Cardstock + Giveaway

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Howdy y'all! I am bringing you a super fun video today showing you how to use the layering stencils in the new Hero Arts Kit on black cardstock! Yes - black cardstock!

When I saw these images I knew I wanted to make a nighttime scene for starters, so I have a fun way for you to do that quickly in the video below! But isn't this a fun, almost pastel-ish look? Super easy. 

The centerpiece of this kit is a four piece layering stencil that makes this scene - the artsy details with highlights and lowlights just kills me! The kit also has dies and a sentiment set.

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Here's what the full kit looks like - isn't it gorgeous? 
The powder is bronze Pearl-ex and it's gorgeous! The paper is watercolor paper.

Oh but just wait! LOOK what happens if you use acrylic sprays with those stencils! This one takes a little longer, because the layers stay wetter a little longer, but this impressionist, vibrant look is so, so worth the wait! I have the spray colors listed below. The sentiment is from the main kit.

Now this next one was super fun too. First, I stamped the layering road from this stamp set and then masked it off with masking paper. I then used the stencil from the kit in classic desert tones on top. So cool how the road disappears into the scene. The sentiment is from the main kit.

Oh my GOODNESS this Thelma & Louise die!! I'm screaming over here! And yes, I know it's not necessarily a Thelma and Louise die, but COME ON - it SO is!

I used pinks and purple with the kit stencil and then colored the die with OLO Markers, making them look as much like the movie characters as possible. It's impossible to see in this first photo, but there's a sheet of acetate in the windshield portion. I lightly rubbed ink on the rearview to make it look like it was reflecting the desert. 

Here's a pic where you can see the windshield. Fun, right?

Now speaking of fun scenes, this new layering set gives me ALL the Big Sur vibes. Such a peaceful scene. 

I used the other new stencil this month with the layering road stamp set, but I only used one of the tree layers, so that the colorful background shows through the trees. To me, this looks like the windy road up to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I used the same sprays I used above.

There's also a retro road sign cling stamp that is so bold and fun. I combined it with this road sign set - I stamped it three times - in black, turquoise and orange and then pieced the colored pieces onto the black one for a nostalgic Howard Johnson feel!

Finally - a happy accident that happened when I failed to clean my stencils after card #3! I used Orchid and Ultra Pink here, which are really bright - I used them on the Thelma and Louise card as well - but because my stencil was dirty, it added that orange tone that ended up being really beautiful and muted!

So again, the universe is reinforcing my habit of not cleaning my tools! New color mixes!

So here's the video!

Come back for the giveaway details and my FAVE new recipe! I've eaten it three times in two days! LOL.

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I'm really mad at myself about this recipe, honestly. My friend Yoorah sent it to me last summer and I never got around to trying it until this week. I COULD HAVE BEEN EATING THIS FOR A YEAR. It is an absolute DELIGHT. I changed it to make it soy free, and let me tell you - do NOT skip the ssamjang - it's incredible. The whole thing exactly as written is absolutely magic. I would say that this is one of the most perfect recipes - like the salisbury steak - that will be part of my regular rotation. 

Since this post is already super long today, I'll just give you the link to the recipe HERE

Now for the giveaway! Leave me a comment to be entered, and the winner will be announced on the Hero Blog. 

Here's even more inspiration for ya!

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  1. Love these cards! I kept looking for the coyote & roadrunner!

  2. I love ALL of your projects with this month's kit and extras. I can tell you had a grand time playing. I am especially intrigued by your use of acrylic sprays. The impressionist period is one of my favs.

  3. Wonderful variety pf scenes that takes me back to trekking along Route 66 and have enjoyed Big Sur what was a lifetime ago (in the 70s after college).
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. Absolutely love the black card background! Love the watercolor as well, beautiful cards!

  5. Such vivid, striking cards! I love them!

  6. The nighttime card is my favorite! I've lived in Alaska for 35+ years but I'm originally from Arizona and just recently fell in love with cactus all over again!

  7. I love your cards! I think my favorite one is the acrylic sprays too. I love the vibrant colors.

  8. Your cards are so creative and beautiful!
    Thanks for creating so many wonderful samples for this hop.

  9. I love these designs, especially the card with the winding road, cacti and mountains! Great to hear that you love our desert landscape- I'm from El Paso!

  10. love how that paint looks on the black cardstock!

  11. I like the variety of scenes you created.

  12. Wow! So many wonderful scenes! I love the night scene! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the card with the road winding thru the monuments and the pink card. Beautiful.

  14. Awesome cards! Love the ones with the roads..... and especially the T & L design reference! ha!

  15. OMG, I've been looking at that die for days now and had never made the connection! It surely is a Thelma and Louise die! Love the winding road into the monuments, btw.

  16. It is wonderful to see these cards again! I so enjoyed watching you and Libby on the Tuesday Live!

  17. Love these cards. I like how you used the road stamp. Its just how it looks when driving through the mountains in the Southwest desert here where I live.

  18. So many looks on your cards! The night time scene card just really catches my eye!

  19. Fantastic cards. Love the use of the
    roads through the cards. thanks for sharing


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