Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Kid Art and some SOLID Computer advice

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I started my day by pouring several ounces of nitro cold brew and almond milk all over my wireless mouse. 

I quickly rinsed it off, but soon discovered that today was going to be hard. Really hard. It was like the right click was permanently depressed, so all sort of crazy thing were happening when I was trying to use my computer. I could have SWORN I had a backup mouse, but I did not. So Amazon same day it is! I ordered TWO sets of keyboard / mouse combos. I like this one because there's a keyboard skin that fits it - maybe someone should come up with a mouse skin for people like me - just sayin'. I will not repeat this day (said in my best Scarlett O'Hara voice) - so my advice to you today is to immediately order yourself a backup.

Mark my words - if you do not, you will find your coffee spilling into your mouse VERY soon. It's just how it works - I don't make the rules.

Then, I had to run some super boring errands - shipping things, getting gas, stopping by my mechanic to get the form to get my inspection done this week, and man I saw people doing some crazy things in that short half hour or so. A woman near an apartment complex acting really weird in some shrubbery and then a lady coming out of a greenbelt also acting really oddly. Is it a full moon? 

I'm glad to be back home with a working computer - sheesh. 

I have the CUTEST thing to show you today!!! A new stamp set that is designed by the son of my friend Heather. I'm DYING over how cute this is. After I got it, I immediately texted her and demanded that he make a Christmas set because I would LOVE this style of stamp for my holiday cards! THE SENTIMENTS, Y'ALL. SERIOUSLY. I kept it pretty simple and paired it with this oh-so-perfect-for-art-journaling background stamp and I colored the images with my brightest OLO markers. I cannot get over how cute these are. 

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If you say you've seen anything cuter than this child's artwork today, I'm going to have to question your reliability! 

I hope you enjoy this little bit of bright, happy innocence in your day. 


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