Wednesday, August 31, 2022

It's 1976 All Over Again

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It's really truly the 70s in my brain today! We were watching one of our fave cooking shows and talking about what we brought for lunch in elementary school.

My husband is the oldest child, and I'm the youngest so it was very different. He had the cool Scooby Doo lunchbox, and I had a used lunchbox or two - rusty, but would probably fetch a pretty penny on Ebay today!

Snacking was a super foreign concept for both of us. My mom made us breakfast before school, we brought our lunch and then we ate dinner. There was truly nothing in between. I'm not sure when the whole snack thing started, but it was not in my childhood.

Anyway, what WAS ubiquitous in my childhood was the SMILEY. It was everywhere. And it was also something common for us to just draw and color in yellow. We had smiley buttons, smiley stickers, smiley patches for our denim workshirts and jeans. 

I masked it and stamped it repeatedly and then shaded with OLO markers to make it look dimensional. I cut a part out of it, which you will see the result of on Friday.

So fun. 

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I'm not sure why I'm in a masking mood lately - I just am :)


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  1. OMgoodness....I remember the 70s and smily stuff everywhere! I still often sign cards with one. I love this card!! I had the buttons. We did snack fact it terrified my mom how much I ate as a teen...I was like the Tasmanian devil. I would go thru most/all of a small roast in one sitting she expected to be 2-3 dinners. I was super active and constantly moving and burning off those cals though as I did not gain weight. (vs now if just look at food I gain a lb lol) She clocked me at one point as going through pounds of sugar a week in my tea and on my cereal-it is amazing I have a tooth left in my head lol (though it started later on and now I drive a BMW in my mouth) in accordance with family tradition. I think that was bc she did not allow a lot of sweets in the house personally. Anyway...that was a lot of masking but totally adorable and you got the right shade of yellow too!


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