Friday, September 24, 2021

Clean & Simple Thank You Cards

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Today I have just a simple thank you card! This is probably the card I make the most - because a thank you card can cover a lot of situations besides thanking someone for someone specific, like a gift. It can just be a simple friendship sentiment - thanks for putting up with my crazy, thanks for helping me solve crimes the FBI hasn't yet, thanks for also hating horseradish! 

You can make it a birthday card with a "for being you" type sentiment too. 

Anyway - I think they're super versatile cards to have stacks of, and today's has a fun twist. 

The sentiment I'm using today is a builder, so you can ink it in two different colors! MEEP! I inked one stamp in Sea Glass and the second one in Poppy, and then stamped the heart in Buttercup.

Then I used my new fave last minute embellisher - this black glue! It's actually glue but it makes great shiny dots to finish off my cards. This bundle is a Stamptember exclusive, so it's while supplies last.

Concord & 9th Stamptember Exclusive...
[ SSS ]
Concord & 9th SEA GLASS Ink Pad 10850
[ SSS ]
Concord & 9th POPPY Ink Pad 10840
[ SSS ]
Concord & 9th BUTTERCUP Ink Pad 10845
[ SSS ]
Easy Squeeze Black Glue | brutus-monroe
[ BMR ]
Understand Blue MINI Slimline Folded...
[ CTC ]
[ SSS ]

Hope you have a great weekend! Loveyameanitbye.

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