Thursday, September 9, 2021

I Think You Are Pretty Great + Woodgrain Card Class

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Poor little Splotchy has an ultrasound appointment today so he's starving to death and being SUPER dramatic about it.

Unfortunately, you can't just take food away from one cat, so Maddie is also starving and dramatic. 

Poor little kitties. Intermittent fasting was not on their agenda for today.

Whenever I take him to the vet - which is a pretty long car ride, even for me, he HOWLS the entire way up there. But he's completely silent on the way back - it's so strange. I guess he's like "I'd better shut up or she'll take me back."

Anyway, I'll be glad when it's over. I'm bringing them some Tiff's Treats when I go - the pandemic has been especially hard on veternarians.

We got a brief whiff of fall this week - a dip into the low 90s, which normally feels like air conditioning this time of year to us. 

I have a feeling it's not going to be a pleasant winter, based on some squirrel activity and some things I see in our garden. I have a feeling it's going to get really, really cold.

But until then, I'm hoping that we at least get a fall out of the deal and aren't sweating at Halloween like normal!

Today I'm bringing you two samples from my upcoming Woodgrain Card Class. This is such a fun technique, and I've modified it over the last year to include new mediums and finishes, and I always love the way it turns out. 

(PS - if you were an attendee at my fall 2020 online retreat, you've already taken this class.)

So I wanted the background to show through my focal points, so I took these smaller poppies from this set, colored and die cut them and added white and black spots - I have started doing this on flowers after seeing the dots on some large floral stamps I love - it's like splattering, but neater. I started doing this in my art journal, and now do it on my cards.  I stamped this large, multi-greeting background stamp in Midnight, and then used the die to cut all the sentiments out at once - it's sort of like those poetry magnets - you can mix up all the words to build your own sentiments. I even tried to make a snarky one, but all the words are so positive you can't! :) 

I used the same technique in blue as a backdrop for this beautiful stitched leaf stamp and die. The die cuts a patterned leaf design as well as this outline, but the outline matches this stamp, so I just used that with a little ombre inking. I always have to have a little blue on my fall cards - it makes me think of those stunning days in upstate New York with spectacular foliage against crystal clear blue skies. Absolutely the best time of year there, even though spring was showy - fall is what I miss.

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Now I'm about a month behind, so if you want to see today's release of some awesome Christmas goodies, you can see those here. I'm still stuck in fall mode! My favorite from today is the Card Stacks dies!

That's the die that makes fold-flat shadow box style scenic cards that are SO fun to make - I used these dies to make this Halloween card - I LOVE these dies. I'm not much of a 3D person, but pop-up box card and these are my jam. So easy to use. 

Short weeks are the best aren't they? Even though I struggle to catch up, it's nice to get a break again so soon after the holiday.

This weekend, we are going to try a smoked meatloaf! My brother in law did it and said he'll never cook it any other way now. My meatloaf is pretty great, so I'm interested to see how smoking changes it. 

In case you've never tried it, my recipe is here. I don't use any bread or fillers - the binder is butter and veggies, and it's 100% the best meatloaf I've ever had. I worked on this for years, because I never saw the point in adding bread to meatloaf, especially since I LOVE leftover meatloaf sandwiches. A bread sandwich just doesn't sound good. :) 

Hope you have an awesome Thursday - I will be hosting the MIX-ability challenge tomorrow, so come join me for that!


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  1. Fantastic cards! I'll be taking my very first class! I loved the Card Stacks Base dies, it looks so fun!

  2. Going to the vet is such a traumatic experience for both human and cat! Our sweet Little Bit was going 3 times a week for fluids. She never really got used to it. I hope the ultra sound shows all clear for dear Splotch! Your cards are fabulous! So funny that this is what I see today because I just yesterday put my woodgrain and PFS bird card in the mail to someone. I learned the technique in your fall class. Before popping it in the card, I rubbed my fingers over the deliciously smooth grain! Love it. I thought then, that I need to pull out my instructions and make another card and now after seeing your beautiful samples, I really need to do that! Hugs and thanks for all the inspiration!


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