Friday, July 20, 2018

You Make Life Sparkle

I've been gel printing lately with my sister in her "art garage." She made the wise decision to get an insulated garage door and add insulation to the walls, and it's actually cool in there in our crazy summers, so we try to do art in there as often as we can, because neither of us really have a space in our houses that works for group crafting.

She's been working on perfecting a gel printing technique with two contrasting fluorescent colors, and taking notes throughout.

I've been working on creating structure in my prints with some experiments in masking, and I finally got it to where I wanted it and could recreate what I was doing, so that is what I have for you today.

First, a card with the technique. I stamped the Magnolia image and die cut it with the matching dies. Then I cut a circle from the Concord & 9th no shed glitter paper.

I had used this stencil in the Gel Press printed background, and it was perfect for curving a small sentiment from this set on my MISTI and stamping in one of the openings. As you'll hear me say in the video, the white space is important for making this technique work. I love the zentangle look of this stamp.
You Make Life Sparkle Gel Press Card by Understand Blue
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So that you can see the difference between an unstructured print and a structured print using my technique - take a peek at this, which was created using exactly the same process, minus one step. This is how most Gel Press prints end up - beautiful, colorful, and sort of mixed looking and soft.
Unstructured Print by Understand Blue
But then, with one little trick, look at the structure I can get with the same paint, same stencils, same order!
Structured Gel Press print by Understand Blue
Here is the ghost print of the structured technique.
Structured Ghost print by Understand Blue
Cool, right? Wait until you see how easy it is to do! I think you'll love it. 

FYI - my winner from my Altenew post here is Melissa Friedrich! Please contact me using the contact form in my sidebar for instructions on redeeming your prize! 

Here is the video for the background - enjoy!

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  1. I love this so very much!!! You are my gel press hero...I love that soap it is a true miracle worker with dry paint...

  2. These are beautiful, that was so nice of Splotchy to help you out :). Is he still talking to the coyotes?

  3. Man, I love it - so very waaaay cool! Thank's for such a fun, easy to understand video!! Hi Splotchie!

  4. Fun video, Lydia. I a going to try this!


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