Monday, July 30, 2018

A Few Thoughts on Kindness

On one of my podcasts the other day, the host was talking about the power and the peril to be able to instantly communicate with millions of people anywhere in the world through social media.

There are definitely both aspects - power and peril - but I think sometimes peril wins.

I saw an amusing series of posts on Facebook the other day in succession.

The first was one of those colored posts where people post a quote. The quote was about how the only thing that mattered was kindness.

Then there was a post by someone else with the Mr. Rogers photo and his quote about kindness.

The third post - I kid you not - was someone ranting about how the person handing them their coffee said "thank you honey."

So which is it?

I think it's easy to recognize that while there are definitely regional differences in speech, "thank you honey" is someone being kind.

How about we both give AND accept kindness in whatever form it takes.

So - if you're not a hugger, please enjoy today's card anyway. :) I mean it in a kind way. Plus, bunnies and bears.

I have spent the last week cataloging and organizing stamps (just three bins to go) in an amazing app called Airtable. If you try this app, please note, I created my own base instead of using one that they created, so that I could have a searchable database that included sentiments. Yes, I've typed every sentiment into this thing. I do that on my computer, because it's faster, but the app is great for adding stamp set names and photos away from your computer. As an experiment for today's card I searched bunnies and hugs and it returned every stamp set (with images) that contained either bunnies or hugs. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I never could get Evernote to be exactly what I wanted and Airtable is perfection.

So the stamp I landed on is this sweet one. They have interesting packaging. The acetate the stamp is on is lightly colored in a watercolor style, which is probably why I was drawn to them. I actually ended up painting this one just like it looked on the package, with a few more hard shadows. Such a sweet image. I painted it with Daniel Smith Watercolor after stamping it in Acorn. I like the sort of vintage look I get when I stamp in brown instead of black. The sentiment is also in Acorn.
Wild Rose Studio BUNNY WITH TEDDY...
[ SSS ]
Altenew SINCERE GREETINGS Clear Stamp...
[ SSS ]
Tsukineko VersaFine Clair ACORN Ink...
[ SSS ]
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors
[ BLIC ]
Da Vinci Cosmotop Sable Mix F Brushes...
[ BLIC | ELH ]
Escoda Versatil Brushes, Travel Round...
[ UTR ]
Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. Cold Press...
Simon Says Stamp Card Stock 100# DARK...
[ SSS ]
Simon Says Stamp Card Stock 100#...
[ SSS ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSW | HA | SSS | ELH | MFT ]
Lawn Fawn STAMP SHAMMY Cleaner LF1045
[ SSS | ELH | CST | ART ]
Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter -...
[ BLIC ]
Multipurpose Liquid Glue by Stampin' Up!
[ SUP ]
Nesting Porcelain Bowls - BLICK art...
[ BLIC ]
My Favorite Watercolor Sketchbook
[ UTR | CST ]

I was teaching people how to paint this way this weekend in Minneapolis at Junkie Fest - so much fun! I hope I took a little fear away from watercolor - there's nothing to fear! I mean - at the end of the day you end up with a bunny hugging a bear!



  1. What an adorable card!

    I'm interested in how you set up Airtable so it worked better than Evernote. Could you possibly do a post showing the basics of how you set up your base and did your inventory?

  2. Good Morning Lydia, Oh, this card is so cute. I feel hugged. The water coloring is gorgeous. The sentiment is wonderful.
    I use Evernote . . the best thing since sliced bread. It is "just enough" for my needs. I am positive I have 1% of what you have to keep track of I am going to check out Airtable, though. Isn't it so exciting when you find exactly what you are looking for, what works for you. :)

    What a beautiful post. . . . giving and accepting kindness is a wonderful thing.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. Lydia this is ADORAbLE. I think I may be in love with that Acorn Stamp Pad. Thanks for sharing that.. sometimes black is just too harsh. While you did this with DS watercolor, I think it could be recreated in Copics or other mediums too. So sweet and love that sentiment. Gail

  4. Awesome watercoloring if your bunny honey.

  5. I am SO guilty if being called Honey or sweety!!!!! Of course ONLY at work! “Hon” is more used up here! Especially older waitresses!!! I’m ok with that but REALLY OK with hugs from bunnies!

  6. What an adorable card! Airtable sounds like an awesome app, do you need to go through each stamp set, take a photo and include all sentiments, cataloging each stamp set? I've never done any kind of spreadsheet program, but I do keep lists of all my supplies I've purchased. Maybe you could do a video of the process?

  7. I love this stamp set! I live in the Twin Cities and have never heard of Junkie Fest. What is it?? Would have loved for you to take some of my water color fear away!!

  8. You can call me honey or darlin' any day. #southernhospitality

  9. I love this card and I think everyone can use a least once a day :) I've always said a little bit of kindness goes a long way and I try to live my life this way. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes no so much with some people but I'll never stop being kind. I like your tip about stamping the image and the sentiment in brown instead of black, I will definitely be trying that. Thanks for sharing! #HUGS

  10. Oh Lydia, I think you are my hero yet again... I had just downloaded evernote and was dreading getting started, but I have a feeling that you have just saved me.
    This card is so sweet, I'm not familiar with this company, I can't wait to go look.

  11. SO cute! And thank you for the tip about Airtable too!

  12. Me again about Airtable. Is there any chance that you would share your efforts? Or at least show a page or 2 of how it looks (screenshots)?
    Thank you either way!

    1. Hi Karen - I have a full walk through video on my YouTube channel :)


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