Friday, January 12, 2018

Are Fish Actually Zombies?

Have you ever wondered if fish are zombies?

They behave exactly like zombies. They don't blink. They look like they're talking but they don't make sense. They eat each other. They never sleep. I can't find a difference.

You're welcome for that theory. That's what happens when I'm allowed to think too much. #fishzombies

I actually think of this because of the stamps I'm using today. I think of it every time I see "just keep swimming" because my mind starts to wander to how tiring it must be to be always swimming, and then the thought just devolves until I end up at zombies.

Today's card is the result of an experiment I did with paint and alcohol on my Gel Press. I wanted to see if I could do this technique with monoprinting.

I found that some colors worked better for the "bubbles" I was trying to achieve, like blues, and some didn't move as well, like reds.

Red pigments are strange, so I wasn't surprised. It was fun to see how much better and clearer the second print ones with the bubble textures. You'll see in my video how it seems like there's no detail in the first print and then the second is often a wow. I used one of the less detailed first prints to die cut the seaweed - does that remind you of anything? When I look at those two together it reminds me of what I think was my very first art crush - Leo Lionni. I absolutely adored what he did with watercolor and his stories and art were quiet, and maybe a little sad. I think my little fishy today is quiet, and a little sad. See how he's not smiling?

I think it's the zombie bomb I just dropped. I could be wrong. See what you think.
SB109 Color Layering Goldfish Bundle...
[ HA ]
AF331 Dandelion Bold Ink | Hero Arts
[ HA ]
AF333 Tangerine Bold Ink | Hero Arts
[ HA ]
AF332 Caramel Bold Ink | Hero Arts
[ HA ]
Hero Arts Intense Black Ink
[ HA ]
Whisper White Cardstock - Thick
[ SUP ]
Golden Fluid Acrylics - Phthalo Blue...
[ BLIC ]
Golden Fluid Acrylic - Quinacridone...
[ BLIC ]
Golden Fluid Acrylics - Ultramarine Blue
[ BLIC ]
Speedball Deluxe 4-Inch Hard Rubber...
MISTI Stamping Tool - The Most...
[ SBC | SSS | MSW | MFT | ELH ]
Absorber - Synthetic Cleaning Cloth

Aren't those little bubbles fun? There are two colors of paint there, and then the little seaweeds on the right are from the part of the video where I used the mister bottle for a more granular texture. I cut those with the dies that match the goldfish stamp set.

So here's a quick video, with some tips on the things I found that did and did not work. Hope you enjoy it!



  1. LOVE IT! Did I tell you I bought another Gel Press after purging my first? LOL It’s a bit smaller! I have an idea I want to try! Will let you know how it goes HAHAHAHA

  2. These came out so cool! I hope to see more of these backgrounds show up on other cards! (How long do they have to live in the UFO pile first?)

  3. I love this card! Your theory on fish zombies makes a lot of sense!

  4. Ohhh just saw your thumb - bet that dang fish zombie got ya didn't it?!

  5. Ooh... I love fish! And this is my favorite card I ever saw!
    Nicely done! Love it

  6. Yes. And this card is amazing - mostly because you made it. <3

  7. Wow your card is amazing. I like your theory about fish and zombies.

  8. Every time you do Gel Press I tell myself I need to get one, and yet I still don't have one. I love the backgrounds they create. Must get gel press, I think that's what the zombie fish is actually saying.

  9. this is gorgeous, thanks for sharing, i just love your cards and your humour

  10. So it sounds like you're saying blue is the best, eh? ;)

  11. Beautiful card and what a fun technique. I never would have thought to use alcohol with paint.


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