Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bertie Botts Any Color Embossing

So I'm really making progress in the final throes of this four month long remodel. Really, I am.

You know how when you move there's that terrible end stage where there's just a bunch of small, mismatched JUNK that you have to fling into one big box, scrawl a cuss word on the box with a Sharpie and move on? That's sort of the stage I'm at. But I plan on polishing off the remainder this weekend and having one last "everything's a dollar" sale and moving on.

I've enjoyed the victories a lot.

One of the things giving me a raging case of the SQUEEs is an embossing powder and glitter solution invented by Jennifer McGuire, queen of enablers.

Before this solution, I had a tower of wobbly Ziploc containers that always fell over, one fall resulting in Splotchyglittergate, which is still too horrific to tell. Some of my friends remember the day I got "the call" at a Stampin' Up! event that Splotchy was COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE IN GLITTER. COVERED.


This solution fixes ALL of that, and my cats can now remain glitter-free.

It also saves a TON of space. Check this out.Seriously - the leaning tower of glitter has now been immortalized forever.

I'm in love. Those little containers stack securely, no wobbles, have spoons clipped to the lids and are labeled on both sides.

Here's what I got:

Sistema Klip-It Containers - I like the small ones, but they come in other sizes. I have a Dazzling Diamonds issue, so I might have to get at least one of the larger ones at some point.
 Ice Cream Taster Spoons - SO fun:

 3M Clips for the lids:

And I just got this label machine because I HATE my handheld DYMO labeler - it's awful. This one is greatness - it has a tape saving setting, has a ton of very cool fonts and fun frames. I love it:

Check out how I transformed my card catalog with it. I crowdsourced the label color on Facebook, and I tried every color that everyone suggested. I thought I was going to go with Crumb Cake, but then my friend Tandra suggested black. And oh my was it perfect with the turquoise.

Okay - and this isn't embossing, but someone on Splitcoast discovered that our designer paper stacks fit PERFECTLY in the blank cling stamp cases! ZOMG. Now they are all labeled and stacked neatly on a shelf. No more loose scraps falling out every time I pick up one of these! You can actually fit two stacks per case. Probably four in the wood mount cases.

Okay, so back to embossing.

I realized that there's one MORE thing the MISTI can do that I could never do before - allow me to have embossed images in EVERY COLOR of ink that I own.


Check out this video and see! Click here if you don't see a video player below.

And here's the finished card! The stamps I used are: Lovely Amazing You and Draw the Line. The inks are Melon Mambo, Smoky Slate and Basic Black.

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Cool eh?

Now go forth and emboss!



  1. I've done this with just dye ink and Versamark, but not with the MISTI. New skill!

  2. Great post! I am really enjoying reading your blog posts, especially when you use the MISTI. Just got mine and it ROCKS! I can see where that little grid comes in handy. Is that just grid paper cut to card size and laminated?

    1. Hi Linda - no iti's a little grid that you print onto a transparency - you can download the file here:

  3. I have hideous versamark pads, because I've seen them in other crafter homes and assumed it was the norm. I try to clean my stamps well enough, and often have the ultra-messy VM pad and the not-so-bad-so-use-this-with-lighter-colors VM pad

    I now know that I can set my standards higher!

  4. Super cool Lydia!!! Love the technique and the card even more! You ROCK girl.

  5. linda! I love what you did to make the image perfect! they called me persnickety when I was a child and it has grown stronger. thanks for sharing the tips! I love my misti and keep finding new ways to use it.

  6. Lydia. Stop. You keep making me buy new things with your great ideas. Amazon and I are on a first name basis now!

  7. Embossing = the first technique that had me scrambling to get the goods & try it out!
    heh heh heh ....
    My little brain is so happy that you shared this sa-weeeeeet Misti-tip today!

  8. You are amazing......and are so making me want a Misti!

  9. Love your blog - and get excited whenever a new ones comes into my email list. Thanks so much for all your tips and inspiration. I haven't tried my MISTI yet - need to get going on that, eh? Your description "Queen of Enablers" made me laugh out loud. Perhaps you can offer us a "12 Stamp Program?" Glitter on, girl. You are a star.

  10. Oh, I am so inspired, Lydia! Got to love my MISTI even more!

  11. Such wonderful tips, Lydia! I kept thinking that I didn't really need a MISTI… but after watching you today, I think I might really need one! I just began using Jennifer's tips for containing embossing powder. What a dream-come-true way to keep my stamping area clean! Love, love, love your videos! Many thanks! ♡

  12. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. I ordered the Sistema containers, the spoons and the hooks all from your links but the spoons are too big! Did you have to cut them down to make them fit?

    1. Hey Susan - oh my gosh no - they must have filled your order with the wrong product.These are mini spoon - 4 colors and it says No 8 on the package. They are 3 inches long

  14. The description on the link you posted says 5 inches. Oh well. No big deal. I think I can cut them.

    1. That's SO weird - that's exactly the ones I bought and they're about 3.25" - the picture above shows how they fit into the lid. So sorry about that!

  15. I just noticed the picture on Amazon says 8 but my package of spoons says 2. I think they got it confused. Maybe I will write them and see what happens.

    1. That's it! Mine says 8! I'm sure they will exchange it for you!

  16. I had the same spoon problem and just got off the phone with Amazon. They are issuing me a $10.00 credit for the next time I make a purchase since the photo shows #8 and I received #2 spoons. Their reasoning for the credit rather than return was that it would cost them $3.99 in shipping for the return tag on a $5.95 item. I will be shopping around to find 3" spoons...
    I'm THRILLED with the Sistema Clip It containers and the 3M clips! as well as my MISTI!


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