Friday, February 27, 2015

The Newest Workout Craze SWEEPING the Nation (Or my House)

I realized that without even knowing it, I'm sitting on a GOLDMINE with an unintentional workout plan.

I'll start at the beginning.

I hate water.

Regular water, I mean. Like the stuff that comes out of the tap or (shudder) plastic bottles. I am not really sure why I hate it, but my sister hates it too, so I'm going to throw a poker chip on the "it's genetic" square.

It just completely grosses me out.

Maybe it's because I drank boiling hot hose water when it was 8,000 degrees in the summer when I was little.

Maybe it's because most of my life, "water" has come in the form of "tea," which is just fine by me.

Maybe it's because in Texas, you go NOWHERE without a huge iced beverage in your hand (or you'll die before you get down the driveway), and so my water intake came mostly from ice, which I love.

Or maybe it's a gene.

Whatever the reason, I loathe it, and I now drink my water only bubbled. I've always loved club soda, and for years, I've had probably 6-8 cans of LaCroix per day.

This is how I stumbled upon my genius workout plan.

Every day, at some point, I wander away from my office, with my LaCroix in my hand, like a good Texan, and I see something shiny and put the can down. If the shiny thing is a book, then it's in the bookcase. If the shiny thing is is my card catalog, maybe it's on top of my card catalog. If I'm turning the radio on, maybe it's by the radio. THEN, I spend the next ten minutes wandering around like a thirsty zombie, trying to figure out where I left the danged can. Sometimes I give up and get another one and then find it later. Either way, think how many steps you can get in just searching for your beverage! I think it's a million dollar idea.

While I wait for my million dollars, I am creating things. Today, I'm bringing you two cards and a video inspired by the GENIUS that is Maureen Wong - MISTI expert - for adding selective details back to a no-line coloring image. I REALLY had fun doing this. I LOVE no-line coloring, but I used to be endlessly frustrated by trying to add facial details back to images with just a pen - my people and animals always looked like serial killers and never looked as good as the original facial details of the stamp image. You'll see what I mean. Enjoy.

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 This image is from the Sale-A-Bration Set, A Happy Thing. (free with $50 purchase), and the paper is from Adventure Bound.
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 This card is for today's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast (Keyword MIX109). Click here to play along (no time limit). The stamp set (Lean on Me) is retired, but the greeting is from Lovely, Amazing You, which is available now!

Enjoy the video - if you don't see a player below, here's the direct link.



  1. You're like my dad, when the doctor told him he needed to drink more water he looked at him dumbfounded. "Water is an ingredient in coffee. You can't just drink it can you?" Thanks for that memory.

  2. AMAZING! You are an artist that stamps!

  3. This is awesome!!! I know exactly what you mean. I gave up on a no line image earlier this week because I knew I couldn't get the facial features correct. I love seeing all the ways the MISTI makes life better!!! :) I am ordering tonight or tomorrow!!

  4. Lydia Fiedler, I love you. I love your coloring, your stamping, your chatter, your stories. Gosh darn it, you just make me happy. P.S. I don't want to hear about your berries. k. Berries are meant to be private.

  5. I LOVE your blog posts. So the ice drink thing. My fam is all from TX. You need to read my ice tea blog post.

  6. Just wonderful, Lydia! You have such a delightful way of sharing a story along with each art technique. It's the perfect combination of inspiration, teaching, and making smiles! I'm always happy to see a new post from you. Tea and LaCroix Lemon are my favorites, too! ♡ Dawn

  7. Hi Lydia. I did not see Maureen's tutorial on this. I do not have a MISTI as yet but I have been watching, pinning and learning all I can in the meantime so when I get it, I'll be ready to use it properly. You have done and excellent job at showing how to do 'no line' colouring and so its pinned until I get it. Thank you so much for sharing this video as I know it will become a future reference that I will come back to, over and over.

  8. Wonderful tutorial. Thanks for helping me understand how to add detail. Now, to be as successful! What kind of cleaner do you use to clean the acetate sheet that you use to see how your detailing will look? And what kind of inks should and should not be used on this sheet (I have several Thing A Ma Jig sheets that are stained)? Love, love, love your posts.

    1. I'm just using my DIY stamp wipes with stampin' mist on them -

      I tend not to use Staz-on and inks that stain.


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