Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Feline Compass and Other Mysteries of the Universe

It's very odd to live with wild animals in your house. Strange, furry things with tails and whatnot.

One of the strangest things about sharing a space with felines is - wait - everything is strange. So maybe I should start this by saying TODAY'S strangest thing is... the feline compass.

There seems to be some weird magnet in the heads of cats that requires them to be oriented in a certain position in relation to humans at all times. Sort of like true cat north.

For example - Maddie has to be hugged for at least an hour each day. But she can only be hugged ONE WAY - curled around my neck on my left side only. If I try to put her on my right shoulder she runs away mad.

Splotchy likes to sleep with his ginormous behind firmly planted on my left collarbone and his paws underneath the covers on my chest. He WILL not orient himself on my right side.

When he rides around on The Other's shoulders, he will ONLY approach on the left and end up with his butt on the left shoulder and his head on the right shoulder.

Is there some evolutionary reason that the left side is more desirable? Is it hotter because our heart is over there? Or do they sense that it's our non-dominant side and so they feel less vulnerable there? Do the cats of left-handed people prefer the right hand side of their human?

I'd love to hear your theories, however crazy they may be.

At Leadership, we learned some fun little tips - one of which was that the fun little epoxies in the Occasions Mini exactly fit the hearts on the Happy Heart embossing folder!

So at my class on Saturday, we embossed a piece of Whisper White, flipped it over so we were working on the flat side, colored one of the hearts with a Pink Pirouette Blendabilities Marker, and then stuck the epoxy on it. CUTE.

The greeting is from Snuggles & Smooches and the washi tape is the Stacked With Love set.

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Speaking of Stacked with Love washi tape,  I gave myself a manicure with it! SO fun. Just cut the shapes and then top it with a clear coat.

Fun, eh?

The two different widths make it easy for you to find the right size for each of your fingers.

So now it's time to say goodbye to the weekend and get back into work mode. I will spend the evening with my to do list and two cats, both on my left.

I hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Terrific CAS! Love the epoxy heart!!!!! That's just plain fabulous.

    I don't think Storm or Lil Bit has a side. The quirkiest is the sleeping arrangements. Lil Bit growls when Storm comes close but somehow most nights I wake with one on either side of my legs mere inches from one another but since there is a leg in between it's all ok. I better not move that leg or they are like bats out of....well you know, they are gone!

    I like your fancy nails!

  2. I LUV this!!!
    Should have ordered epoxy's!


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