Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sew Crates

So my sister, who is five years older than me, taught me how to read when I was three. I think I was like a toy, and it was fun for her to teach me things like that. But I got an early start with language, thanks to her, and became a voracious reader.

As a consequence, I tended to read whatever she was reading, which meant that I *might* have read some things that weren't age-appropriate, since I was reading them at the same time she was when she was five grades ahead of me.

A few examples include: The Stand (which is still his best I think - he went off the rails in the 90s, IMHO and is starting to come back), Flowers in the Attic and... (one that we sing the movie theme to pretty much every time we see each other)....

Here's the song in case you want the same earworm I have every time I think of this book - it's still my favorite Michael Jackson song:

Only Michael Jackson could make a rat sound that awesome. When you listen to him sang it now, it almost seems autobiographical.

Anyway, when she taught me to read, it wasn't on the classics - it was on Lucky My Lucky Little Puppy, and Harold and the Purple Crayon and whatnot, and so by the time I read Ben in my tender youth, I had never heard the pronunciation of "Socrates" in real life. So when I encountered that character in the book, my pronunciation of it in my head was "Sew Crates." I think I said it out loud at dinner once and my entire family dissolved into hysterical laughter. 

Well this happened to me again just yesterday as I was creating a video for today's project. 
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I was using this month's Paper Pumpkin kit to create an ikat design, and - well, I'll just let you watch the video. Click here if you don't see a video player below.  And again sorry for the video quality - I'll be back in my setup soon.

Yeah - not at all how it sounded in my head!! Oh well. Live and learn. Darn you, Steve Jobs!!

Okay so as you saw in that video I have a SUPER exciting idea for you, courtesy of my downline Jen. I have  really not enjoyed using baby wipes on my stamps, for the reasons I explain in the video. So she came up with an idea that I had to try to DIY. 

I normally hate research - but I actually did a LOT of research before I put all these things together - read reviews, etc. and I'm glad I did because I'm LOVING this. So watch the video and the links for what I used are below it.

ZOUNDS - it's amazing!!!

Here are the things I used - click the pictures or the name of the product:

1. Oxo Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser

2.  Medline disposable washcloths

3. Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner:
4. Quilting Guides for the MISTI (What I use as a positioner)

Sew their yew gaugh.

Things don't always sound like they look :)

I hope that tip is useful for you!



  1. Lydia...I'm concerned about ordering a Misti...when I looked at the website...she posted in January that she was anxiously waiting for more to arrive!!

    1. Susan that was an old comment - she's all caught up now :)

  2. So sorry! I checked her FB after leaving the message to you and then ordered and have already received a shipping notice!! Yay!! And thanks so much for your great ideas and videos, Lydia!

  3. Lydia,
    Do the disposable washcloths need to be the Ultrasoft 1013? They seem to be pretty expensive. Would the regular dry ones be okay?

    1. Hi Karen! I just picked those based on reviews - but I'm sure any dry disposable would do! Of course I got a box with 500 - I should have split them up with y'all! :)

    2. Thanks Lydia. I'm sure you'll eventually use them all! I just saw the regular ones by the same company on other sites and wondered. Thanks for your input. I don't like the ones that leave lint--what a pain that is. (I got my Misti the other day, thanks to your post about them!!)

  4. Ok - you are SO right about Stephen King. Although I am hopeful he has found his way back. The second thing I'm afraid you are right about is the blasted MISTI. I have seen several videos on it and thought I could live without it. But you, YOU..... Grrrrrrrr

  5. Uh-oh. iAm also guilty of the iKat offense. Thanks for the edumacation ;-)

  6. You say Eye Cat, I say Yose Might. At least that was how I thougt Yosemite was pronounced when I read it as a child. 😊

  7. Oh, Lydia!! You are brilliant! Great videos and tips AND I am about ready to finally jump off the fence and order that Misti!! Seriously, I don't know why I am holding out. Lol.

  8. Hi again, Lydia...thanks for all your wonderful suggestions! I contacted Iliana via FB post to ask about Stampin' Mist and she said I would be using it at my own risk! But I see that you are using question is ..which side of the cover is at risk for deterioration? The side where the stamps are attached or the outside? I just got my MISTI and the outside feels "rougher" than the inside as tho that is the side that the screen is printed on, making it the vulnerable side. Plus the plastic sheet that came with the MISTI says to cover the outside.
    Sorry, I asked this question of Iliana, but received no answer...I know that she is very busy to say the least (not that you are not!).

    1. Hi Susan - I bought the Novus plastic polish from Iliana and that's what I clean it with when I'm done stamping. I use my stampin' mist wipes while I'm stamping to get ink off the inside of the lid. The outside of the lid is screen printed and you need to cover it with the vinyl sheet she provides to protect that screen printing. Taheera did a great video on applying that vinyl properly - you can see her video here:


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