Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Soundless Debrief From Warmer Latitudes

I'm baaaccckkkk!

I left my voice in Florida - on the Tower of Terror - but the rest of me is at home, much to the delight of Maddie & Splotchy.

It was such a good time as usual - I got to play for a day doing Gelli® printing with +Bekka Prideaux and +Brenda Quintana and +Rebecca Grohall, +Katherine Cosimano and +Debbi Silberberg at our condo before Leadership started. We made a HUGE mess and had tons of fun.
 This was a happy accident of mine
 Rebecca with a stunning print from some plants we got from around the condo
Katherine's first print EVER

We called our condo The Thighmaster because the living room was on the second story and there were two bedrooms on the third story. My bedroom was "the cupboard under the stairs" on the ground floor.

I highly recommend doing this kind of rental when you go to Leadership or Convention - it was less than half the cost of a hotel room, and we had a kitchen, all had our own bathrooms and bedrooms and could hang out together in the evenings and chill.The best of all worlds.

Here are some of my fave photos:

 Debbi, Rebecca, Katherine & yours truly
 Brenda Quintana
 Selene Kempton, Brynn Thornburgh, Me, Tami White and Lori Mueller
hamming it up on the Tower of Terror
 Bekka Prideaux and Brenda Quintana prior to Gelli printing madness
 Sweet Pam Morgan
 A beautiful Persian kitten being carried around Michael's in a pink basket by a cute little girl.
Seriously. How could I make that up?

(For pics of the event itself, see the live coverage in my previous blog post.)

I kept up with my Calendar Art journal while I was gone. 

 So much fun to do a little something each day that just fits the mood or events of the moment. It will be cool to watch February unfold since I started January so late.

I really do have a card for you today, I promise. I went back to Jennifer McGuire's awesome partial die-cutting technique with Butterfly Basics again, but this time I used the medium butterfly and only cut the top part, leaving the bottom attached to the cardstock.

This was one of my class cards. Finished it off with some in-color sequins and the adorable Stacked With Love Washi Tape. Trying hard not to buy a million rolls of this - but I love all things black and white.
Pin It
Love how striking that little guy is popping off that bottom section. That's a great set of dies and we saw some cool things with it in Florida.

Now off to start to move back into my studio. It's less fun than it sounds :).



  1. We should rent a condo this year at Convention.

  2. Looks like you girls had a great time! Love the Gelli printing technique and love that you kept up with your art journal calendar while you were gone!


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