Sunday, March 1, 2015

When Level Isn't Level

I find studfinders to be extremely primitive. They offend me. I mean it's like the tool version of a divining rod. You just have to run this wobbly, stupid thing all over a rough wall and hope the dealiebopper bops?

We are better than this, America. How about some laser gun thing that you shoot at the wall and it reveals all stud locations? Or some sort of thermal imaging app for the Iphone?

Despite being handicapped with primitive tools, I DID locate the studs necessary for affixing my punch shelves today - these are the last pretty major change that will take place in the studio. The rest is really just final organizing and selling off the excess.

Here they are while I was loading them.

I wanted a funky, modern element in the room to balance out the somewhat vintage look of the dresser and my card catalog and I loved these when I found them. They are white metal shelves by OFFI, designed in Canada, and I got them from Design Public. They come in other colors as well and are CD shelves so they'd work for stamps too. I'll be attaching some lighting to the bottom of them just for fun. These double as a catification of my space, because I'm sure the little beasties will use them as a highway between the dresser and the card catalog. Notice no punches on the upper two sections :)

We spent a lot of time leveling the nail holes and the shelves, only to discover that the shelves themselves are not level - they are bent steel, and so that naturally makes them a bit imperfect. But we flipped them over and found a configuration that compensated for their artistic imperfection. I really like them - they are clean and fun and one of the only curved elements in the room, I realized after they were up, so that's fun too.

With that out of the way, I ignored everything else I was supposed to do today and made a card.

Oh - and before I forget - several of you have asked me how I film my videos so I wanted to answer those questions. I use a very inexpensive tripod mount for my Iphone. It's amazing how easy this makes life.

So I wanted to try selective embossing with the MISTI. I had a piece on my desk that I had stamped with the MISTI the other day - I was just practicing aligning images with the quilting guide. I had then colored one of the hearts with Blendabilities, but I didn't like it because the edges weren't clean. So I came up with the idea of selectively embossing it to create a crisp outline for that heart.

Then, I filled that perfect little outline with Cherry Cobbler Dazzling Details. The hearts are from one of the new SAB sets - For Being You - that got released today. Makes adorable borders. The greeting is from Lovely, Amazing You.

Since we had fought with the level all day, I decided to deliberately tilt that top layer as an homage. The struggle is real!

So if you have four minutes and 27 seconds, come watch the video on this technique! Click here if you don't see a video player below.

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And that, my friends, is my dead level best for today.



  1. A great card and I love the MISTI vid. and tip. A pinner for when I get my MISTI. TFS!

  2. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing! And I loved the kitty cameo by the way. Oh, how they love to be the center of attention! LOL ;)


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