Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Love You More Than Pandas

I don't.

Let's face it - no one loves ANYTHING or ANYONE more than they love pandas. There's no point in pretending anyone does.

BUT - if I could feel love greater than the love I feel for pandas, that would definitely be how much I love you.

I went to QuiltCon a few weeks ago. It was AMAZING.

Disclaimer - sewing is NOT my thing. I have a real aversion to sewing machines that I attribute to some weird genetic mutation. My mom & my sister are both great at sewing. But it freaks me out.

But I LOVE seeing beautiful fabric designs, and modern quilting is amazing.

This show was absolutely incredible for two reasons - first - the art quilts. Here are a few that took my breath away.


 And this one broke my heart.

That's what great art should do. Stop you in your tracks, and visually represent what not all the words on earth can convey.

So it was an amazing experience. Probably not at all what people would think of when they think of a quilt show. I loved it.

Since I wasn't a quilter, the booths with tools were so fun, because everything I saw (and didn't understand in a sewing application) could be adapted to papercrafting. I had to rein myself in a few times, but I did come home with some incredible tools I'll be sharing with you. What was so fun was that most of the booths were small manufacturers - American entrepreneurs. Made me happy.

One booth where my sis and I spent some money was the Transdoodle booth. This transfer product was being marketed for a fabric application, but I knew right away what it would be perfect for, so my sister and I split a package so I could test my theory and boy oh boy am I glad I bought it.

It might not be obvious what I did with it from this photo:

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But it will be obvious after you watch this video:

Soooo fun and easy! To get Transdoodle, just click here.

To get your own Undefined kit, click here.

To get a panda - well, you can't really have a panda.

Sorry. If people were allowed to have house pandas - BELIEVE ME - I'd be posting videos of me and my panda. But it's not to be.



  1. Oh, Lydia! Your creativity consistently thrills and delights! I love your panda! Hooray for bears!

  2. Shouldn't you be using BLUE ink for this? Hmmm????

  3. Apparently I must now discuss this with my quilter mother who owns everything.... What fantastic quilt shares too!!! You amaze me always!!

  4. This is awesome! It never fails....I can never come here and not get a little chuckle or 2. Thank you♥♥ Oh...and absolutely Love your panda ♥

  5. Thanks for sharing those awesome quilts. Definitely not what I would have expected. I feel for penguins what you feel for pandas. I guess it's the black and white cuteness!

  6. Love quilts, love pandas, love your style!

  7. Thank you for sharing the quilts (as well as the panda!), they are beautiful. I love visiting the quilting exhibition they hold in the Botanic Gardens here. My favourites are the two near the end with the colours and white - but I love the second one that makes me think of a printed circuit board.

    p.s. who, in their right mind, could call that Blue Bell icecream, based on the list of ingredients! I have to confess that when I make icecream I make double icecream - I use cream for my custard base AND add whipped cream. So we eat less of it but it's super-creamy :D.


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