Friday, March 27, 2015

Going OFF The Grid is SO 2014

You know how everyone is talking about going off the grid? Except they don't mean it?

If you're talking about "going off the grid" on Facebook or Instagram, let's face it - you're not committed.

People who want to go off the grid probably were never on the grid to start with.

I love the grid. Visually, anyway. There are many sorts of math-like things my visual, right-brained self loves.

I love order. I love algebra. I love logic (that was actually one of my fave college classes because the problems involved dots and we could draw). I didn't, however, love geometry. Or imaginary numbers. If I'm going to make something up, it's going to be in watercolor or acrylic or involve a bear that can fly. Nothing I imagine is going to be anything as boring as a number. PFFT.

BUT - I LOVVVVEEEEEE graph paper.

I have an enormous amount of graph paper. More than is normal, I'm pretty sure. I love the ones that have teeny 1/16" squares, and the ones that have 1/4" squares - I LOVE THEM ALL.

It's great for zentangling, or writing notes, or crossword puzzles, or crossstitch patterns or ALL THE THINGS.

It's just the best paper in the world.

So I'm hosting today's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast and I had a little fun with a free printable graph paper and the Celebrate Today bundle. You should try this.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do the following:

1) Get a sheet of graph paper - or do what I did, and use this file to print onto marker cardstock, plain cardstock or watercolor paper, depending on what mediums you're using.
2) Stamp a large, solid stamp image on top of this paper, using a very light colored ink that will be harmonious with the colors you choose. (The ink counts as medium #1)
3) Using a second medium, use a variety of colors to fill in the squares the image covers, as you can see in my sample.

Don't just go light to dark - you can see I'm using a large balloon image - but I made sure to scatter light and dark throughout.

I chose alcohol markers for mine, and I used 8 different analagous colors to get a lot of variety.

If you don't have a large solid stamp image, then use dies - print the graph paper out, then die cut yourself a large shape and proceed with the technique!

It was so fun to do this - I hope you enjoy it!

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I love this technique. It's the perfect balance of order and chaos :).

Hope you have a good weekend - on or off the grid!



  1. I love this, Lydia, and will be using this technique soon. So fun!

  2. This looks like a fun idea. I am definitely going to do it when I have the next hands on at my stamp club. They will love it. THANKS! I just love your blog -- for the writing, imagination and inspiration as well as the actual cards/cardmaking. Have a great weekend. Stay away from the bugs!

  3. Such a fun and bright card! Love the technique!

  4. My right brain loves this, and has printed the grids. You are addicting. :)


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