Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Better Call Saul

So I've been watching Better Call Saul with delight.

I just love the characters - I'm not in Breaking Bad love yet or anything, but I am enjoying it a lot.

The Chuck McGill character is actually edging out Saul as my favorite character. I love his electromagnetic sensitivity and his foil blankie.

Well, I DID love his electromagnetic sensitivity - until yesterday.

I sat down to film this AWESOME video for you. I used the MISTI, I watercolored, I showed you how to FIX a mistake if you get watercolor somewhere you shouldn't - I used a Splitcoast tutorial, I showed how to use multiple inking to get a crisp image even on watercolor - it was glorious. It was like a unicorn and Stephen Spielberg collaborated on a documentary about glittery kittens.

However, here's the file. Please note how I turn into the liquid mercury bad cop from Terminator right at the beginning.

Cool right? Except that was like a 30 minute video. What the heck?

So last night, sad from my botched video experience, I watched Better Call Saul and went to bed. And when I woke up this morning I realized what had happened to my file.

I had put a new LED floodlight into my light right near my tripod.


(or at least my camera is)

So this morning I shot some test video with the light off and it's fine.

I can only conclude that:

a) I need a tinfoil blanket and everyone needs to leave their cell phones and car remotes in a box outside my house and

b) LEDs are clearly Satan's work.

So my next video may be shot in the pitch dark. Or outside. God only knows. Wait - I can't go outside - that's where the mind waves will get me. Shoot.

But here's the card - without any of my accompanying wisdom, sadly.

Pin It

Cool, right? It's one of the NEW Sale-A-Bration products that went live on March 1st. There are four fun things you can now get, including this - For Being You.

I watercolored the letters and then used Dina's fun tutorial on 3D words here to make the letters SUPER LETTERS! :)

I used the fine 01 Project Life pen and a ruler for the lines.

Now I'm just sitting in here wrapped in my metal blanket, thinking about life, the universe and everything.

I wanted to share an organizational tip before I disconnect the main power to our house and close all the shades.

I actually do like to SEND cards. But I had a hard time keeping up with what I'd sent and what I needed to send.

I do my to-do-list with a Frixion erasable pen which I love - I just erase tasks as they are done so my list shrinks (hopefully) as I make my way through the week.

HOWEVER, with cards - I found that if I wrote down to send someone a card for something, and then erased the task when I sent the card - the next week I couldn't remember who all I sent cards to. And, if I used a calendar, I'd have to flip back to previous months to see all of it - I've abandoned strict calendars for most of these things because they don't work with my schedule and the type of work I do. So I came up with a better way.

After much searching, I found this little journal. It's by Poppin, so you can get it in any color - I chose lime green, but I think next time I'll get the metallic silver. But this is easy to find on my desk!.

But the outside doesn't matter. The reason this spoke to me was the page format - it's college ruled, and see that little vertical line at the edge of each page?

What I do when I need to send someone a card, is I write "Mary, get well" on the line. Then, when I actually SEND the card (insert miraculous orchestral music here), I just put the date in that little square created by that vertical line. Then I can easily see what's been sent and what still needs to be sent based on the presence or absence of a date there. I use the space at the top for the month. I think it will be fun to look back and see how many cards I've sent this year.

 There's an expanding pocket inside the back cover where I keep envelopes and stamps.

The joys of being senile and having Electromagnetic Sensitivity, right? Now if only Poppin would make one of those foil blankets I'd be all set!



  1. I, too, really enjoy this new series. As with BB, the supporting characters are great. If you haven't tried it, look at Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Same thing. As for your post - Love this card. Would be great for anyone, but most especially a guy. Especially a guy with an affinity for Tsquares. The lining is terrific. Good luck with your new lighting, or non lighting experiment. Hope this means more great videos.

  2. You are the best storyteller ever, Lydia! So sorry about the video. I just put LED light bulbs into my studio lamps. I love their light, but never knew about the 'LED effect.' Keeping a card making journal really helps me, too! I can't wait to mail my cards. They are barely dry before I put them into their envelopes to send off. So, it's lovely to have a record of the cards I've sent. I also jot down the name of the stamp set. Just so their next card will be completely different! It's fun to look back at the past month to see all of the hugs that went out in the mail. Wishing you a GREAT day today! ♡

  3. What a great card! And I too love Better Call Saul! Was a huge Breaking Bad fan and was so happy to see Bob Odenkirk snag this show as a spin-off!

  4. Nice blog. When I started making cards about 9 years ago, I purchased just a plain 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 by 1 inch spiral notebook. the top of the page says the month and year. As I send a card to someone, I write their name, reason and date of the day of the month and thus I know every person that has ever received a handmade card. It has saved me many times from sending the same person multiple cards due to my poor memory! Love your THANKS card! scootsv

  5. Sorry your video was ruined, but your Terminator comment cracked me up! LOL :) I'm really enjoying the videos using the MISTI! I'm definitely going to have to buy me one of those!

  6. Haha...I am also a Better Call Saul fan and really hope it sticks because it provides me with much needed happy energy. Good idea about keeping a record of cards made and sent..I should probably do something similar. Of course, my problem is NOT sending the cards....and not so much forgetting who I sent one to. But if I start writing it down, maybe I'll actually send them instead of just thinking about it!

  7. Total fan of the show! Ice Man Mike and doer of such evil deeds made me cry this past week.....

  8. I'm so glad you linked to this post! It reminded me to start writing down my cards again. I did it for awhile and it was SO helpful... until I forgot to write it down. SIGH. Try, try, try again! : )


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