Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Super Bowl Commercial

I do not have the millions of dollars it takes to buy a 30 second super bowl ad spot, which is a shame, because I think everyone watching the puppy and kitten bowls today would find it hilarious.

I'm not really sure what product to pitch - probably toilet paper.

I came up with this idea the other night when I observed a mysterious daily occurrence that anyone with a pet will find extremely amusing - the poop crazies.

Maybe a scientist out there can tell me why after a cat or a dog visits the facilities, they immediately RUN at 90 miles an hour with a speed and intensity that seems to communicate "OMG I'M SO HAPPY I POOPED NOW I AM RUNNING LIKE THE WIND AWAY FROM THE SCENE OF THE CRIME I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

What could the possible reason for this be? And why don't people do this? Which leads me of course to think how completely hilarious it would be if people DID do this. What if immediately after you heard a flush, a crazed adult that you know just went into an insane sprint around the house, knocking things off surfaces as they went until finally settling down and grooming themselves like nothing weird just happened?

You'd laugh. Really, really hard. And it would be a really funny commercial for something like toilet paper.

These are just some of the things I think about.

Today is the monthly Challenge Chicks challenge - which is not unrelated - because the challenge is "My Furry Valentine" - to make an animal valentine. EASY - I've been coloring bunnies all week! Do bunnies get the poop crazies? Please weigh in on this important question if you have a bunny.

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Paper: Brights Color Collection DSP stack, Retired heart DSP, Real Red Cardstock, Watercolor Paper
Ink: Basic Black

I just stamped him and colored him, used the heart framelits to cut him out, and used Inka Gold on the edges of the heart.

Maybe what I should start doing is after I make a card just run down the street like a crazed post-poop animal - that has to entertain the neighbors don't you think?

Hope you enjoy the Super Bowl, even if it's lacking my awesome toilet paper commercial.

Here are the other Challenge Chicks projects for our challenge for your enjoyment.

Diane (our hostess this month)
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Jeanne (hers is a purse)
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  1. I WANT TO SEE THAT COMMERCIAL! :) oh, and...CUTE bunneh!

  2. Now that's a CUTE little bunny!! I want to {hug} him! Oh, I would love to see a commercial just like you described! My cat does that same crazy thing - and in fact, she does it before and AFTER her pooping: that's how I know I will be on litter tray duty very soon.

    Jocelyn x

  3. Ha Ha Ha…I cannot believe you blogged about how my cat (and apparently yours) tears out of the litter box like a crazy cat after doing his job. LOL! It is so crazy. I have no idea why but I have had many cats over the 32 years I have been married and they all did the same thing.

  4. I find my cat does the "mad dash" because she wants to leave as much litter through out the house as possible while it still clings to her paws for those 3.6 seconds after using the litter box (most often my bed or shoes)

  5. This bunny card is just plain ol' Bunny-Cuteness!!


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