Monday, February 24, 2014

Introducing NAPPY HOUR!

(Northern friends - I'm offering you the opportunity to leave the room right now so that you don't cry and rend your garments dramatically at the following description of an Austin winter day. Stay at your own risk.)

Yesterday was a glorious day.

85 degrees, sunny, slight breeze - beyond perfect. Since I spent the first half of the day updating all my Apple devices because of that security breach (please do the same if you haven't already - info here) I HAD to get outside in the afternoon.

So my sister and brother-in-law and I went to a local spot with a beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy the sunshine.

This restaurant has a little covered area on one side of the patio with long built in padded benches with pillows for booths. They are beautiful, shaded, and oh so comfortable.

Predictably, after a snack, the sleepies set in, and my brother-in-law came up with a BRILLIANT idea - Nappy Hour.

Nappy Hour would immediately follow Happy Hour, and during Nappy Hour, you would be allowed to stretch out on these lovely padded benches like a cat and sleep for an hour. All patrons would have to participate in Nappy Hour of course, so that it was quiet enough to nap. I'm yawning in excitement about how great an idea this is. I could use a Nappy Hour myself today!

We will RUN to the first restaurant that implements this fabulous Nappy Patio idea, now that we have entered the 11 month stretch in which Austinites never eat indoors.

Now while I was waiting for updates to finish yesterday, I cruised around looking for inspiration and I found it from Sandi MacIver - one of my fave paper artists. She was coloring and posting her progress on Facebook and I just had to CASE her - it was gorgeous! I made this card for today's Love Fest challenge on Splitcoast - Lots of Lovely Layers.

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I just embossed the image from So Very Grateful in white, and colored it with a blender pen and Pool Party and Bermuda Bay and white reinkers. The base of the card is embossed with the Pretty Prints embossing folder and just lightly swiped with white ink.

I think it's yummy.

It's so yummy that it should be followed by Nappy Hour. I'm getting verrrryyyyy sleeppppyyyyy.

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  1. Happy today that I have a ridiculously old telephone! Lovely creations, too!

  2. Love that stamp and the way Sandi did it. I am so excited to be dining outdoors, especially if I am also listening to live music, that I could't get tired if I tried.

  3. I would comment on this wonderful idea, but alas, I had to leave the room to gather what little sunlight might shine in my window, as we cannot absorb any outside with only our eyeballs exposed - LOL!

  4. Your card is fabulous - almost as fabulous as the fact that you can dine outside 11 months of the year....wowza says the gal from upstate NY!


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