Friday, February 21, 2014

I'd Like To Thank....

Thank you speeches are fun.

Since the Olympics are dominating the airwaves right now, I've been thinking about how fun it is to see someone truly be thankful for something which most people consider a solitary victory.

I think the reality of life, my belief in rugged individualism aside, is that if you are engaged in any pursuit that depends even in the smallest way on inspiration, you most definitely never have a solitary victory.

Art is uniquely a collective pursuit.

One of the things I am compelled to do in my alone time is view and learn about art. I would say for every single card I make, I've viewed 1,000 cards and/or techniques. That's the ratio, probably conservatively.

I bet it's not just me. I bet you do too.

So please imagine me climbing onto a festooned stamping medal platform in an obnoxious red white and blue Ralph Lauren sweater and saying the following:

  • Thank you for making the 10 minute video that I know for a fact took two hours of prep and 6 hours of editing and photography and an hour of uploading. It inspired me, cost me nothing and only took ten minutes of my day.
  • Thank you for cropping, brightening and adjusting your photo and adding a full supply list to your Splitcoast gallery, even though it took you ten minutes to make the card and an hour to edit it. It helped me make my version of your card. 
  • Thank you for Facebooking your messy desk and your work in progress. It made me feel happy and normal. :)
  • Thank you for pinning your favorite cards - I re-pinned them.
  • Thank you for commenting on my blog and my gallery and my Instagram pics - it makes my morning walks so fun to interact with you while listening to little birdies and drinking tea. 
  • Thank you for posting your hilarious failures. It keeps it real. 
Now we should play the stamping national anthem. I am imagining that it is traditionally played on a kazoo. 

 Today I'm hosting the Splitcoast Mix-Ability challenge, and it's based on a happy accident.

I was actually filming an upcoming tutorial for Splitcoast when I had a little artistic accident that resulted in a super fun little abstract landscape. And believe it or not, it happened when I was CLEANING! (pauses for fainting)

Pin It

The black part of the image is actually the product of me cleaning my brayer in between prints. So basically it's trash - but I discovered some pretty images in the cleaning process. Spooky little misty landscapes. The greeting is from Really Good Greetings.

Here's another one with my fave retired set EVER - Branch Out.

So I made a little video for you of this simple process. I hope you try it and come play in the challenge!



  1. Brilliant!! Using the black paint will make a great background for this years Halloween cards! Always thinking ahead :-) Thanks for posting.

  2. Even though I don't stamp, I thank you for the inspiration.

  3. And I'd like to thank YOU for your wit and humor, for the amazing artistic inspiration you've so generously shared, and for the various liquids shot out my nose while reading your blog posts. You. Are. Awesome.

  4. I also want to Thank You for your sense of humor and for sharing your creativity and inspiration. Thank You

  5. I love your "happy accident" cards. They really look like you spent hours trying to figure out just where to place the blurry image. Thanks also for your entertaining post. You never fail to entertain me. :)

  6. OHHHH EMMMMMM GEEEEEEE!!!!! Lydia that is SOOOOOOO me!!! when I am not making a card I am studying a technique...pinterest....!!! I am sure there must be a life outside my craftroom....but none that I would know about, apart from when I actually venture outside...TO GO TO A CRAFT SHOP!! seriously tho... your cards are gorgeous and what an amazin technique!! I have just bought a brayer but got tired of washing it after each paint color. gonna have a go at this tho. thanx Lydia :)

  7. Love your 'trash' card ideas - thanks for the inspiration (even though I don't own a brayer). Thanks most of all though for your fun post (yet another). Inspiring in itself, to be more grateful for the hard work that every craft puts in for the glory of sharing our wonderful hobby ;)
    Well done on your 'medal win' - I'm sure that Ralph Lauren zip-up looks fab on you, though I'd say it is incomplete without inky brayer stains and all. And I think that podium will be quite crowded... all crafters are well deserving of a gold for this 'sport' ;) Rx

  8. Wow, Lydia - that tree one is FANTASTIC, I love it.
    Today is one of those days when everything is going wrong, so I'm waiting till tomorrow to try this.
    Because there's no sound on our laptop at the moment I first watched this with the captions on - thanks for the giggle. Sheets of paper and a prayer are definitely what I will need to come up with anything that can be turned into a card, LOL.

  9. HAHAHAHA! Well before you hop off that Pedestal let me Thank YOU!!!! You make me GIGGLE MY ARSE OFF!!!! Sometimes even cause a snort or 10! AND OF COURSE... the kazoo... TOTAL SNORT CITY!!!!!

    I just LOOOVE YOU!!!!!

  10. I vote Gold for you! You are inspiring so many of us! Thank you!

  11. Love this! Thank YOU for your humor. I love opening my email and seeing a new post notification from you as you always make me smile.

  12. I would like to thank Lydia for all of her beautiful work, her fun ramblings, and Maddie and Splotchy for their contributions as well. No stamp project is complete without a little pet hair, as we all know.


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