Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shady Feline Sleeping Habits EXPOSED!

First - an important word from our sponsor. Also known as me.

If you are coming to convention, you know I do a happy hour there on the Wednesday before the festivities. Last year it was so big they almost called the fire marshal :). It was loads of fun.

So this year, the plan is going to change so that none of us spend convention in jail.

I'll be holding an all day retreat on Wednesday - with at least three 90 minute classes, more with time permitting, for up to 100 people per class. I want to keep the class price low - the goal is to spend the day together and have fun and relax, since we will be running like race horses for the four days following. I of COURSE will have prizes and entertaining breaks and quite possibly celebrity guests :). You won't have to do anything but show up. This is intended to be a fellowship event and a thank you to everyone whose work inspires me, and to all of you nice people who come and look at my blog.

Since I do have limited space available to me, I can only do a first come, first-served pre-paid event. So until I have all the details ironed out, I'm going to let people reserve a spot before they make their flight arrangements, and when I'm maxed out I'm maxed out. So here is the form to indicate that you want a spot at the retreat, happy hour or both! Since there will be multiple sessions, I will also let people attend more than one, but we'll figure those logistics out later.

If you're NOT coming to convention because you're not a demonstrator, I am compelled to tell you that this year, registration to convention is waived for all new recruits :) - no strings attached. Contact me for info.

Now - on to the shady sleeping practices of felines.

I have two very affectionate, loving felines who cannot be more than an inch from me at any moment, due in part, I'm sure, to the traumatic circumstances of their first three weeks of life. They are draped over one of us at all times. They even cry if we are in different rooms.

But I've noticed something very odd. If they are sitting on my while I'm watching TV or at my desk, I can pat them and they purr - even in their sleep. They roll over to let me pat their bellies, and generally revel in the patting.

Here's where it gets weird.

Every night, they plop down on me to sleep, just like they do during the day. I sleep like a zombie with zero movement, so they prefer me.

BUT, if I touch those little fiends or go to pat them while they are sleeping on my belly, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! They shoot off me like a ROCKET!! It's so bizarre!

So this is my theory.

Before we domesticated cats and they roamed the savannah, I think that they used to wait until larger animals went to sleep - like rhinos maybe, or wooly mammoths - and then they snuck up on them and slept on them to steal their warms!! So it was IMPERATIVE if there was any sign of the host organism stirring they had to jet off into the grass never to be seen again.

Nocturnal warm stealers.

Traces remain in their little limbic systems. But I am on to you, warm stealers. I am on to you.

Now talk of convention made me want to play with my World Map stamp which I completely forgot to order until last week. So I thought I'd do a little simple masking technique, which I royally screwed up, but made a video of it because, like most mistakes - it didn't matter :).

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See? Not all those who wander are lost. :)



  1. Love this card! I do think that perhaps you exaggerated the amount of sponges you have in your possession. I did not notice a room full of sponges at you house when I visited LOL..unless there is a secret room behind a secret invisible door?..oh WAIT...St. Francis!!!

  2. So, I really, really, really want to come and play with you in SLC. Not really interested in convention this year. Dang it. Making a girl think about things now. Love the video.

  3. So, I really, really, really want to come and play with you in SLC. Not really interested in convention this year. Dang it. Making a girl think about things now. Love the video.

  4. Ahhh, love the prisma markered edges! Beautious!

  5. Lovely video. I have a crooked brain also. Good to know I'm not alone.

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