Thursday, January 30, 2014

How I Cleansed Your Mind of Politics With a Bunny

We've been being assaulted in Austin by political commercials lately on the radio. They're all the same. Same voice, same accent, same gasbag, lying, political theater. It's maddening.

One in particular struck me as very offensive.

Let me ask you a question.

We all hate our cell phone providers right? That's one thing I think all Americans can come together on. So let's assume we hate all of our cell phone providers and they all give terrible service, send us to foreign call centers, hang up on us and send us to collections over billing errors that they made that resulted in .01 outstanding balances. Strike any nerves?

With that assumption in place, what would you think of an ad that said this: (insert dramatic radio voice here.)

"We here at the insanely incompetent Acme phone are sick and tired of the service provided by Beta phone in Tallahassee. We know that if we took our poor connectivity, lousy network coverage and hideous call center in Bangladesh to Tallahassee, we could really show them a thing or two."

That's what this ad said. From a baby-kisser in Austin, it says "I'm sick and tired of those baby-kissers in Washington doing XYZ."

Really, buddy? Because one baby-kisser is pretty much the same as another. I don't prefer the baby-kisser I know, believe it or not. Perhaps you've never heard "familiarity breeds contempt." I would actually prefer a banana slug. To all of you. I'd prefer that the entire country be run by banana slugs. For one thing, I'm QUITE certain I don't have to pay for hookers for banana slugs. And if your entire marketing strategy hinges on the magical transformational powers of a difference in zip code, boy howdy do you need to be run out of the state on a rail.

Sadly, I don't currently own a banana slug stamp  - I'll have to carve one from Undefined.

I do, however, own the cutest bunny stamp in the world - the insane cuteness of which has the power to erase all thoughts of politics from your mind in one, cleansing glance. Behold.

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Paper: Very Vanilla Cardstock, Watercolor Paper
Ink: Basic Black

There - don't you feel better?

I didn't realize until after he was done - I probably colored 15 bunnies before I got one I liked - that he reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit - someone had to point that out to me on FB. Your subconscious is a powerful creative force.

I love coloring, but it's not the easiest thing to do - at least, not for me. What I like to do is stamp 20 images on a piece of watercolor paper and experiment while I watch TV. I play with colors that work for shadows, complementary schemes and light and dark. This bunny started as light blue and the deep violet ended up looking pretty with it so I kept it. Sometimes I throw them all away, but I always learn something. This image is fun because it's small, so it's a great practice image. I'd rather do that than read about color theory any day. I learn with my fingers, it seems.

Hope your week is filled with bunnies and no politics. :)



  1. Gorgeous bunny!!! What a great idea to practice with coloring! This is a sweet design to showcase that bunny!

    I do my best not to listen to the boobs because they are SO OUT of touch with the real world and I find my blood pressure rising out of control as was the case the other night when the TV was on. REally? REally???

    I must go stare at the bunny some more to lower my blood pressure!

  2. Your rite! It really helps, I noticed that that while I was looking at it I also couldn't concentrate on evil and rotten family members!!! Ah! Bunny bliss.

  3. Bunny Bliss is beautiful my friend, and what did we color our bunny with our new DerWent Ink Pencils? I'm coloring bunnies today too, you are making me go back and brighten a few!....

  4. what a beautiful bunny, did you color him with your DerWenk Ink Pencils? I'm coloring bunnies today too, you are making me go back and brighten some!....LOL...

  5. I am not long following you and really enjoyed that rant! go girl. Ofcourse you are quite right bunnies makes us all feel better. thanks for sharing, I love that stripey paper.

  6. I love it, Lydia! Could you do a video of how you colored the bunny with your Inktense pencils? I haven't opened the case of mine except to gaze at them adoringly! Thanks for making the blue Vivid Vases video!!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com

  7. Cute bunny, could make a sweet Easter bunny too!!!

  8. Love the Banana Slug reference! Took our kids to a concert by these folks when they were little:

  9. I'll bet the banana slugs don't take all-expense-paid plane trips to remote islands and run up bar bills, either. We need to start over in Washington, seriously. Oh, and negative campaigns should be illegal. Don't tell my why that other guy is a loser, tell me why I should vote for YOU! #idiots

    Oh, and I have no patience for coloring. I shall continue to live vicariously through others in that area. :)


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