Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lost and Found

So when you walk as much as I do, you find things.

I've found baseballs, handbags, car keys, bike parts, toys, candy, even bullets.

Oh and snakes. Lots and lots of snakes.

But this summer I found two things I'd really like to return to their owners and I was wondering if the world of social media could help me.

The first thing is so valuable that I will not post a picture of it. But I will tell you this. It's a photo of a person I assume to be the owner with a very, very famous person that everyone in America loves and reveres. It is signed by this famous person. The photo has something very unique about it that the owner will be able to describe to me. I'm sure whoever owns it is very sad that they accidentally left it somewhere where I found it and I'd love to return it. So if you live or work in 78749 and you are missing something quite precious, let me know.

The second one is handmade and so fun. It's a handwritten and illustrated story by a child that probably attends Nan Clayton Elementary, so I'm hoping my friend Connie might know whose it is.

Here's what the story says. It says "King Derwin." on one side and "Bartholomew Cubbins" on the other. (Typed as is.)

King Derwin is a not as kind as Bartholomew and he is also confident to make Bartholomew take off his hat. Bartholomew is kind and respectfull to King Derwin. He daring and confident, forward to the King. He is also hardworking almost. 1) King Derwin thought that Bartholomew was being rude because he didn't take off his hat and this was against the law. 2)Bartholomew got arested because he didn't take of his hate (he tried to) so he was took to the castle of King Derwin. 3) The King brought is his servants to take off Bartholomem's hat but none of them could because another hat grew on his head each time. 4) No one could explain why or what was happening to Bartholomew's hat(s). 5) They decided to make the Duke push him off the highest towar and make him fall. 6) Right when they get to the top of the towar Bartholomew's hats turned into the most beautiful hat in the world so he sold it for the King for 500 pieces of gold. 

Now it says "Andor" on it, and then in red pen (RUDE  - right on the artwork) it says "Andor - 100 summary, 80 neatness.) Now, this teacher obviously knows nothing about art or neatness as you can see. Also, she gets a 30 in neatness for writing on his little illustrated book!

I'm guessing his dad is in the military or just a good American, since this child obviously knows that leaving your hat on is disrespectful!

Does anyone know little Andor? Surely his mom wants this adorable, scrapbookable work of art!

Now speaking of art, I didn't forget. :) This "no line piercing" technique is stolen from Dina Kowal and I just love it! What I did was stamp the large flower from Peaceful Petals on the back of the cardstock in Baked Brown Sugar. (Pro tip from Dina - don't use black because it makes it harder to see your holes.) Then, from the back, I just pierced holes all along the outline of the flower with my piercing tool and extra large piercing mat. Then on the front, I used a sponge dauber just to shade outside the flower with So Saffron to make it pop. The greeting is from Perfect Pennants. See Dina's original work of art here.

Since that white on white gives it an Edelweiss/wintery feel, this is my card for today's Challenge Chicks' challenge by Anna - Winter Wonderland. Mine is more of a Texas winter - with sunshine and blue skies, of course. :)

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Don't forget - I'll be doing live coverage from Leadership in Houston next week, so be sure and camp out here starting Tuesday for all the shenanigans!



  1. Andor has clearly written a book report on Dr Seuss' The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Dr Seuss has a great love of teaching social values to children through rhyme. I hope you can find Andor to give him his book report back. And find the teacher to address his/her rudeness issue! Perhaps the teacher needs to read the book more carefully, no?

  2. OH My HECK!!! I love that illustrated story!! Bad teacher...BAD teacher! We should find her and teach her a lesson in respect! LOL As for the famous person beloved by everyone in America....hmmm...not too many would live up to that description for sure! Oh and that flower is gorgeous! I'll have to try that technique! That Dina sure is amazing!

  3. Love the card! Ok, now I am DYING to know who the famous beloved person in the photo is! Please tell if the owner comes forward!

  4. Lydia, you make me laugh so hard. I'll donate a red pen if we can grade one of the teacher's projects! Maybe if there is a lost and found in your local paper, someone will step forward for your found treasures! :*


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