Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Gilded Age

I just had the craziest dream.

I dreamed I was writing this blog post - I meant to write it last night, so I must have been thinking about it when I went to sleep. Anyway, I was so excited that I was going to be able to include video I'd taken on my phone of this crazy, bright blue, wiggly horse we had seen in the Barton Creek greenbelt.

We were having some kind of family event down there, and people were passing around samples of plants and flowers from the greenbelt. One of them was bigger, and I held onto it while whoever was talking talked. Then I noticed it was moving! Upon closer look, it was this tiny, bright blue horse.

I grabbed my phone and tried to hold the little horse and video it at the same time. It got all wiggly and eventually bit me and ran off. So the video I got was shaky, but I got it! You can imagine how excited I was that I was going to be able to put the video on my blog!

You can probably also imagine how mad and disappointed I was when I woke up and slowly realized there was no micro horse and no video.

Stupid dream horse.

So I have something different on video for you - sorry if you were expecting a little popcorn horse - I was too.

This is a technique I saw the other day by falling down the rabbit hole on Donna Downey's blog. Janelle was prepping us for the Mix-Ability challenge and referenced this technique -  I modified it a little to fit my style and I LOVE what happened!

Ink: Basic Black
Paper: Watercolor
Accessories: Stampin' Up Paper Daisies & Pop Up Posies Kit, Coastal Cabana Reinker, 
Bob Ross Gesso, Liquitex White Acrylic Paint, Mono Multi Adhesive, Inka Gold.

Isn't that cool? It looks so sculptured in real life - like embossed tin roof tiles or something. Do you recognize the flowers? I bet you don't! Those are the paper daisies that Stampin' Up! used to sell (They are similar to these by Petaloo if you want some) and the flowers from the retired Pop Up Posies designer kit! Now do you recognize them?

I am having just too much fun with this.

I made a video for you to show you how easy this is - it only takes 10-15 minutes to do this. Less if you're not stopping to edit a bad cat out of your video.

So check it out and enjoy! I'd love to see your version! I have some more samples for you coming soon.

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Did you like that? I gave Dina a little preview of it and she did notice that I have paint all over my hands and my nails in the video. This is how I live 99% of the time. As a matter of fact I buy clothes based on how good they are going to look with paint and ink on them. I wear a lot of black. :D

Again - my apologies that there is no horse in that video, BUT I have some horsey news! I'm a little late posting my prize from the Season of Giving blog hop, so I've decided to give THREE!

The winner of the original package is:

The winner of mystery prize #2 is:

And the winner of mystery prize #3 is:

Ladies - please use the email me button in my sidebar to send me your addresses and thank you for your patience! Enjoy your goodies!

And if you see a little blue horse in the woods - be sure and catch it on film!



  1. Bobra heard your voice and tried to climb through the laptop screen. I'll email you some photos!

    Oh, and I love how messy this is. That's part of the fun! Such a great look!

  2. LOL! I love you!!!! Can't believe that lil bugger BIT YOU!!!!! :(

  3. I just love your work. I am a Stampin up hobbit demonstrator and love to come to your blog to take it to another level. I love the simple methods you pally for the novice. I am off to my Sam Flax to get the supplies!

  4. Awesome video, girl! Thanks so much for the cc!!!!!! Now you've got me itching to pull out my Inka Gold and play! :-)

  5. Awesome video, & congrats to the winners of Season of Giving! How nice of you to add another!

  6. Excellent video and I loved hearing your thoughts on the project and supplies as you created this beautiful card.

  7. Gorgeous my sweet friend!!! Love ya, Di

  8. What an amazing result. I'm off to dig out some of those hideous old paper flowers. Need to get me some of that inca gold too.

  9. I started the project and have had sooo much fun. But after going to three different stores in search of inka gold in the gold color AND looking on line I had to revert to my Stampin up Pearl EX. Gold is definitely the new black. I did by some lava red inka gold and mixed it with water. Applied to water color paper and highlighted it with gold pearl ex. It is a gorgeous background! Thanks again for this project. Now I have to finish mine.

  10. This is such a beautiful technique! Thank you so much for sharing it. May you find a tiny blue wiggly horse one day, that absolutely LOVES you and would never ever bite.


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