Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Walk In the Woods

When did the fall get so crazy? This month was not only completely full - every second of it, but there were even extra things shoved into all the cracks. I'm hoping for a quiet close to the year.

When it's crazy busy like this, the only thing that maintains my sanity is my walks.

This month, some friends and I took a day and did the insanely fun Necropolis of Brittania Manor III haunted geocache. It took us on a journey all over Austin, during which I ripped my pants and apparently showed my underwear to everyone on Mt. Bonnell.

Despite my unladylike exhibition, we solved the puzzle and made it to the end, which was an insanely awesome locked building in the woods, full of bones, a geocoin that has been into space with its owner and all sorts of other fun things. It was a complete blast.

I would go crazy if I couldn't go outside every day. That's why I love living here in God's country, where it's not only possible, but pleasant nearly every day of the year.

This was the inspiration for our final Hope You Can Cling To challenge - my walk in the woods each day.

Here are some of my recent walk photos. Do I not live in the prettiest place on earth?

I thought that for the ladies being treated at MD Anderson, seeing some art representing the outdoors might be a virtual breath of fresh air, so my challenge is for you to do just that. Bring something that you love about being outside onto your card.

I used an image that I colored for my Watercolor Wow class last weekend (which was an insane amount of fun, by the way) for my challenge sample.

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Isn't she adorable? One of the most fun things about being outside in the winter is all the fun coats, scarves and sweaters we get to wear, and she is so sassily dressed for her walk!

We colored using three different mediums and it was really interesting to see how my students really took to different tools for their favorites.

My favorite is still reinkers, which is what I used here. I think I like it best because it gives such saturated color.

Now if you haven't had a chance to play yet, you still can! Our upload deadline isn't until November 7th - so you have plenty of time to upload cards for a chance to win our more than $6500 in stampy prizes! Here is the prize list.

Get yourself a little early Christmas present :).



  1. I want to geocache with you!!!! Great card. What did you stamp your image with? I have trouble with smearing black ink when I watercolor.

  2. Yes - Beautiful photos of your walks. The cactus one is gorgeous. And I agree, the little girl is smartly sassy for her walk. Beautiful watercoloring!


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