Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BOO-ing myself

For some reason, I'm even MORE into Halloween this year than normal. And that's saying a LOT because I love Halloween.

This year, I put out my awesome wreath of bones, my beautiful Decor Elements spooky white pumpkins, my little pumpkin I painted to look like a candy corn, and I did a live segment on YNN  With Bonnie Gonzalez on pumpkin carving and decorating.

Then, I added this crazy awesome decal to my car....

Don't ask to hitchhike unless you want to ride with MY SKELLIE!!

It's been a hoot and I can't wait for the big day.

OH - and this weekend, some friends and I are going on this EPIC haunted geocache set up by the way more than famous Richard Garriott...

I wish Halloween was a season and not just a day. There's too much fun stuff to do and not enough time!

Like stamp, for example!! So many cute and spooky images, so little time! 

I made this card for one of our Hope You Can Cling To challenges on Splitcoast (wherein you can win some of our $6500 in stampy prizes, btw) called "Monster Mash." This challenge - since we are making cards for breast cancer patients - is to remind us to get MASHED :). Adorable.

So I busted out my SUPER awesome Googly Ghouls, the Ghoulist Googlies Printed Kit, the self adhesive googlie eyes and I went to town!
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Do you love Halloween too? I'd love to see pictures of what you do!



  1. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday also! LOVE your car decal!! And your card -- great use of googlie eyes.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to "get mashed!!" Not my favorite thing, but oh so necessary!! Love the card and am becoming addicted to your blog!! *.*


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