Sunday, October 14, 2012

Earl Grey & Miracle Whip - a Genetic Mystery Story

So I haven't even had any espresso since we got back from Santa Fe because I'm SO addicted to these London Fogs! In case you missed it, here's how you order it at Starbucks: Grande whole milk no water five pump Earl Grey tea latte. It's a lot of words, but it's worth it. It's the best drink in the world.

However, I've noticed something since raving about this drink.

There are people with a very serious genetic anomaly I wasn't aware of before now. It's frightening for the families of those affected, I'm sure.

These people suffer from Earl Grey Aversion Disorder Syndrome - or EGADS for short.

EGADS!! How can you not like Earl Grey?? Well, aside from a genetic disorder, that is...

I questioned my sister on the subject, as she suffers from EGADS, and she claims that it's the bergamot.


No one's ever heard of bergamot or would be able to identify it in a tastebud lineup. That is just a person in denial about EGADS.

I posed this question to my barista this morning -I said, "Barista, what is wrong with people who don't like Earl Grey?" And she made a very wise observation. She said "You know - it's like those MIRACLE WHIP people." And I think I saw an eyeroll.

She's right you know. Miracle Whip is only enjoyed by a small group of people with a similar genetic defect. Normal people eat mayonnaise, you know. And drink Earl Grey tea.

These are the things that divide our nation!

How will we achieve world peace with imaginary bergamot and Miracle Whip keeping us apart??

While I ponder that, I'm going to have a London Fog and keep calm and carry on.


  1. Pffth. I had to look up bergamot. Also, I grew up eating Miracle Whip (it was the 60s, give my Mom a break) and drinking Hi-C, if you must know. But once I was on my own and had real mayo, there's no going back.

    And 5 shots of EG might kill me.

  2. Ok, I LOVE Earl Grey tea, but seriously, who would ruin EG tea with milk! Oh I also love Miracle Whip....must have a lot of genetic quirks, lol.

  3. Imagine my relief when, after reading the title of this post, I found that you were not, in fact, suffering from the genetic anomaly that compels people to drink their Earl Grey with a generous dollop (or two) of Miracle Whip. Whew!

  4. Earl Grey everyday baby!! :) not contaminating with fluffy stuff either. Straight up black. Miracle whip is just wrong, in so many ways.


  5. Firstly that drink sounds amazing! Too bad the only Starbucks in my town is a pseudo SB in Target. I may have to drive into the bigger city very soon!

    I have always been a huge Earl Grey fan but my hubby says it smells like Froot Loops! Must be that dang ole bergamot.

    Maybe these EGADS people are like those who don't like cilantro. That really is a genetic thing.

  6. I have a sister-in-law who suffers from the Miracle Whip Disorder. We have turned to prayer... what can I say.
    Truly, if you met her, you would never know it!

  7. Anne - I'm sorry - I accidentally deleted your comment :( I couldn't get through your word verification to contact you... Here's what you said! :)

    Anne has left a new comment on your post "Earl Grey & Miracle Whip - a Genetic Mystery Story...":

    Oh, Lydia, you are so funny! Most times when I read one of your blog posts, I think you should write a book--you really have a special gift of writing with humor.

    I love Earl Grey tea and real mayo and cilantro (another commenter suggested cilantro). I have always liked my hot tea with milk although I just read that there have been a few recent studies reporting that adding milk to tea reduces the benefits of the tea. Not news I want to hear...

  8. i am severely afflicted by EGADS. the smell is just NOT what i think should be associated with food! yuck {visualize me sticking my tongue out here}!!

    i will serve that drink if you make me, but no way in "you know where" would i ever choose it.

    i am a MW girl, though. especially with bologna sandwiches and BLTs.

  9. LOL! I have to say I love LOVE LOVE me some tea but I suffer from the affliction....I'm not an Earl Grayer however I can't stand MW!!!! But give me a good British Breakfast tea any day!!!! I wonder if I can get the London Fog with BB????? Oh that that card rocks!

  10. I love Earl Grey and I have a custom blend called Earl Grey Creme. When I run out of it I will be very sad since the company that made it went out of business. And I love Miracle Whip too! Don't know about the genetics but the artist types in my family are all a bit odd anyway :0)

  11. Lydia, I can't stand Earl Grey! I tried it awhile back (it was in a variety pack of Bigelow Tea) and I thought it must expired about 10 years ago! I also use Miracle Whip (the Light kind!) - will you still be my friend??

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com

  12. I Love Earl Grey and Miracle Whip too, Just like Val. Sorry, Lydia, no milk or cream in my tea and no sugar either! But chocolate, that is another story, just sayin'...

  13. Now I just HAVE to jump in there and point out that we FRENCH people know very well what bergamot is!! We even have special candies made with it and aptly called "bergamotes" :
    Now that miracle whip... that's another story... ;-P

  14. Oh and PS, I LOVE London Fogs!! Except I am intolerant to dairy so I make them with Flaxmilk or Almond Milk instead... Plus what's not to love? Just the name is dreamy!... ;-)

  15. My husband's family eats Miracle Whip (yes, I married him anyway) AND an aversion to putting lids back on things. Did you know that MW stored in the fridge without it's lid DISAPPEARS!!!?!! Ewwwwww...... Seen it happen many times because they also have an aversion to shopping list and thereby purchase unnecessary multiples of EVERYTHING. :)

  16. After seeing you all over the SCS site, I had to come visit your blog. Kudos for putting that card drive together, BTW.
    As for EG tea - I must admit I don't know it personally ;) But what's funny is that there are some teas I won't buy because they have hibiscus or rose hips in them and I can really pick out that taste and for me it's yucky! How funny, eh?
    As for bergamot, I like those candies from the monastery in France (I think it was originally nuns who made them?!?), so I wouldn't hold that against Mr. EG.


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