Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Act of Christmas Part II - The Silver Bunny

It's time for the second round in our Random Act of Christmas Club. This month was my month to send supplies to my stamping buddies - Misti, Meredith, Finn, Lee & Kelli.

I chose the SWEETEST Christmas stamp in the catalog, and some of my fave papers and goodies. If you can believe it, I even sent them some of my HOARDED Champagne glimmer paper!!

The inspiration for this card is Lori's Hope You Can Cling To Challenge - For Kid's Sake, which asks us to think about the kids affected by the scary situation of a parent with cancer.

I remember one day when my friend (also a Hope You Can Cling To Hostess) Libby's daughter Courtney lost her favorite animal - Silver Bunny - for a day - I think he got left at school. I also think all of her Twitter and Facebook friends held their breath for a day until Silver Bunny and Courtney were reunited. 

I remember how much I loved my little bear Ferd when I was little - he played Brahm's lullaby from a little music box in his hiney - it's amazing how important those things are when you're little. Or when you're grown up :).

So when I saw this image, to me it looked like Courtney having a little reunion tea party with Silver Bunny. 

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Accessories: Linen Thread, Corner Rounder, Designer Brushed Bronze buttons
Touch Twin Markers: R2, BR103, R139, CG0.5, BR134, G46, G43, R136, R131, BR99

Isn't that just the sweetest?

If you want to play along with this fun challenge and do some good for breast cancer patients, please use keyword HYCCT1201B in the Splitcoast gallery and upload to the Hope You Can Cling To Challenge gallery.

What was your "woobie" when you were a kid? A bear? A doll? A silver bunny? Lay it on me, stringbean! :)



  1. Fab coloring and love the glimmer paper! It is a great example for the HYCCT challenge. Hopefully soon I will get a free hand to make mine! :)

    And when I was little I had a "baby monkey" that belonged to my dad when he was little first. I slept with him until I was like 12 and still have him!

  2. I so do appreciate you sharing that hoarded paper with us, it went to good use! And let's see, I didn't have a favorite 'woobie' from childhood that I recall, but each one of my kids did. I can remember when my youngest daughter was three at Christmas she received a white bear and she greeted it with the type of hug you give to a long-lost relative as though they had know each other their whole life and then been parted for a while. I will never forget it. And my oldest daughter lurrrrrrves her bunny so this image hit the spot for me too, cute wonderfulness!
    Lovely card and layout and great use of that hoarded paper!

  3. seriously, where have you and your blog been all my life? My fave woobie when I was lil was this amazing hand sewn eeyore made of grey corduroy (where is spell check when I need it?). I do miss him... he was taken away by the fuzzy moldy gods after a tragic flood in the basement.


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