Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Yes, I Did Eat That!

SUCH an interesting day Thursday!

It started at 4 AM. I got up and prepped for a little live TV - crafting on YNN with the beautiful and talented Bonnie Padron on the morning show!

Click here to watch all the projects we made!

We were making fun and affordable Valentine crafts, and it was just a blast. Especially the outtakes at the end :).

We made these projects.. First - a candy heart topiary! As a person who has never liked the taste of these hearts, (disclaimer - I don't eat much candy) I thought this was an excellent use of an extraordinarily cute candy. I saw this when Lyssa linked it from Tiny Prints. I had a bunch of TEENY terra cotta pots that my sister and I had gotten somewhere - they came out to .15 apiece! Of course I bought them years ago and finally felt all smirky about how smart I was today when I got to use them. I used Apple Barrel acrylic paint to paint the pots blue, and I also painted a bamboo food skewer blue. I used a styrofoam ball to hot glue the hearts to, and also to put down into the pot. SO easy and cute!

Next up - the tried & true Hershey Bar treat slider! I LOVE this project - it's one of my favorite ways to package candy because the slide mechanism is sort of magical! Well, I guess I'm easily magicked. this slider uses some retired Ribbon Originals from Stampin' Up! along with some current lace trim, trinket crowns, and DSP. For a tutorial on these sliders, click here. 

Then, Bonnie had a GREAT idea to do a project that men could make for women. So I thought - okay - even a man can craft with a sharp knife and matches, right? I had seen this on Pinterest (again, thank you Lyssa!) and it inspired me. So I cut out matchboxes and covers from Crumb Cake cardstock using our Sizzix Matchbox die - perhaps my most beloved die. Then I just cut a heart with the Sizzix framelit to trace a heart on the backside of this pretty DSP. Then, you just cut half of the heart and fold it back like this....
 On the inside, I took some of the same paper and printed "you light up my life" on it and added two matches. Now what man wouldn't win Valentine gifter of the year if he gave this handmade gift with a candle?
I did have to say to the cameraman that this would be an AWESOME gift for a girl pyromaniac, but I couldn't really say that on the air. Tee hee....

But the real main event today was a dare from my friend Val.

I kind of have to let this video - Bamboo Charcoal Nut Experiment - speak for itself. Enjoy. I hope I'm still here tomorrow!


  1. You had me laughing so HARD while at the library watching this video. Totally loved it! :)

  2. YOU are a STAR~ A ROCK STAR!~ Loved watching the videos. The projects were amazing (I especially love the topiary). YAY, you!!

  3. OMG - You are absolutely too damn funny! Industrial charcoal - yeah whatever! You are CRAZY!! :)

  4. Early Sunday morning and I'm laughing my head off. I think I woke everyone up! I just love you for always making us laugh! Hugs!

  5. Lydia, I think the nitrates (or was it nitrites?) removed your color along with the fat. What a sesto (anti spam verification word) that session turned out to be. LOL LOL You crack me up! Loved your projects. I am going to make a topiary like yours. Very cute! And a much better use for the candy than eating them. I think even the industrial M&M's would be tastier than those conversation hearts. But not nearly as cute!
    Happy Valentines Day


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