Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Made in a Moment of Crazy

Inspiration strikes at the ODDEST moments.

And by oddest, I mean - those moments where you haven't slept much prior to the moment. You know. When you're just on the edge of crazy but haven't fallen in yet.

I had just such a moment at my monthly stamp class this month. 

Remember this cute candy bar holder project? Well to make that project, you have to cut the ends off the large labels framelit die cut. So all my customers were cutting off their edges and they were in a little pile on the table, and I realized that they REALLY looked like cute clouds! So I hoarded the scraps so that I could make a card. 

Surprisingly, I executed the idea within two weeks of having it. That hardly ever happens.

I'm also celebrating on this card my purchase of the supremely awesome Simple Letters alphabet die set - why did I never buy this before?

The bottom edge is the new Adorning Accents Edgelits. Thought I'd use them to make the bottom look like grass.

What do you think? Are moments like these why we never throw anything away? I'd like to think so...


  1. Nothing crazy there!! I am always amazed at people who can "see" laterally. I have no problems with lateral thinking, but I guess I'm really more of a words person than a visual one. And I can tell you, if I keep things they just don't get used, so I've decided to toss mine as I go and just enjoy other people's creativity with their scraps.

  2. love the card! i think you nailed it - this is why we don't throw out scraps, "just in case..."

    WV: maxidemo

    "Understandblue is a maxidemo - all her cards & classes are over the top!"

  3. Your Clean And Sparkly card is awesome! I love that you found a use for the scraps. I throw them in the garbage and then dig them out, just in case! Wonder if I threw out any rounded ones lately. Better go dig again...

    Wordverification today was too easy, and I would hate to INSINUATE that they are making the words mean something....but darned if I can figure out what a HASCLE is!


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