Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hate To Say It, But It's Not Your Turn

Okay so lately I've been battling Austin right of way dementia.

Not ME - I don't have dementia.

I've taken defensive driving more times than I've renewed my driver's license - let's just leave it at that rough number - and so I KNOW who has the right of way at all times. I also know several obscure traffic laws. But that's for another day.

My fellow citizens of God's Country, on the other hand, do not have a CLUE about right of way.

Let me simplify it for everyone.

You're sitting in a parking lot, waiting to leave. I am on a road which goes past the parking lot. You ready?


Stay put until the coast is clear. Pretend you are in a grown up version of hide and seek and just sit there, quietly, until all us road types have executed our maneuvers. You have zero rights. You may as well not exist. I don't care if your baby is crying, you bought ice cream, you have a rash, LOST is on, Bruce Willis is at your house, you left the stove on - whatever. Sit tight. Don't make me come over there.

I've been gone pretty much since the beginning of January and haven't stamped in about that same amount of time, so I've been having withdrawals in addition to dealing with incompetent drivers. Today's tutorial on Splitcoast I could not resist though. Beate can always make me stamp my way out of a drought.

The technique uses pastel pencils on black cardstock, and I was ready for some simple drama, so here's what I did.

Pretty, no?

I cut the butterfly from Basic Black with my Beautiful Butterflies die, and then embossed some images in white from Bordering on Romance. I colored them with my pastel pencils - and honestly, it was just a minute or two to color them. The panel behind the butterfly is sticky back canvas that was in my big bag of scraps and the card base is Whisper White. The greeting is from Loving Thoughts, which I got at Leadership.

I love cards that are simpler than explaining right of way to my countrymen. :)



  1. YOU TELL 'EM, SISTER! *shakes fist* Those idjits went to the same driving school as the people who think Right Turn On Red gives them the right to cut me off IN THE INTERSECTION when I have the green light. THIS IS NOT A 4-way stop!!!! So STOPPIT!

    Oh, wait, this is YOUR blog. Forgot myself for a sec. Ahem. Sorry.

    So yeah, I saw this tutorial and it's on my list of things to try. Love the effect! :)

    spandst dusky,

    The control-top spandst came in 3 colors, including dusky, misty, and taupe.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sooooooo pretty!! Love that big beautiful butterfly on the white card. And, as far as the driving thing goes? This makes me happy I no longer drive. Thank you. :)

  4. I love the butterfly! I will have to check that tutorial out!

  5. Love your black butterfly card. That is about all the drama I need in my life as well, so I will have to try that technique.

    Are you sure you don't live in my town? If not then some people around here must have gone to the same driving school as those idiots who cut you off. Grrrr....! And now I will set my road rage aside and go do some crafting.
    Thank you! :)

  6. Made me catch my breath! Way pretty. Very dramatic and elegant. By the way, I'm thinking of starting my own driving school!!!

  7. Pretty?? YES! Sho' nuff iz!!!!! And OHMYHECK! I swear nobody knows what right of way is anywhere!!!! I've been thinking I need to put an LED screen on front, sides and back of my car so I can TELL everyone what they should be doing!!!!!

  8. That's absolutely gorgeous, Lydia! and ... keep those Austin drivers in Austin *ducks*

  9. wow Lydia,
    This is absolutely stunning!

    Hugs, Lisa Atha

  10. Gorgeous resulting card. I pretty much believe you have to drive assuming the people around you don't know what they're doing. Takes all the surprise away. Lol.


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