Saturday, August 6, 2011

Creep on Over - I've Got Candy!

There are holidays, and then there are stamping holidays.

They coincide, of course, but sometimes, the bulk of our excitement about a holiday is composed primarily of our enthusiasm for the colors and the images and the goodies we MAKE for said holiday, and less for the holiday itself.

Halloween is this way for me. I hold my breath for each new stamping Halloween season, where all the new spooky paper and stamps come out and I can make scary and sweet creepy treats and cards. I wish it was a month instead of a day. There's hardly enough time to stamp all the things that need to be stamped. So I started early this year, with Ilina Crouse's Dare to Get Dirty challenge.

I used this tutorial for the Treat Box Card which went together in two seconds with my new Simply Scored! I can't wait to show you this thing - it has some very cool features. Soon, little chickens - soon. Speaking of new, this puppy features the new silver glimmer paper from the upcoming Holiday Mini, and the Pick Your Poison DSP and the Pick Your Poison Quick Accents and the Piece of Poison stamp set and OH the Howl-O-Ween Creeps stamp - ALL used in this project. You will SQUEEEE when you see it all!

I showed my class girls this project this morning and there were several near-faintings over the glimmer paper. It's SOOOO glimmery. And now, it's spooky :).

Except for the pull-out, this combo treat box & card is all one sheet of cardstock and it's so easy and fun!

Hey - you aren't scared of my candy, are you?

What are you up to this weekend? Just creepin' around?



  1. I spotted that in Ilina's challenge gallery this morning, and I thought - one more project I want to try :D. The shimmer paper looks wonderful, but it's the stuff on the left I like - it looks as if it were pierced, with little lights sparkling through.

  2. I really wish i could get nuggets here. Sigh. My disappointment has me all glifeu. ;)


  3. Oh I love that shimmer paper. I got some and now I fear that I will just hoard it!!!!

    Love the box card what a fun way to give a bit of a treat!


  4. Very cool treat mean we have to creep and stalk until we find out more about the Simply Scored? Then, stalk it is. *smile*

    WV: hansnes
    Hansnes and toes is a great cardio workout.

  5. We are so lucky to be your little chickens. All that new stuff looks AWEsome. LOVE the pull out & how you did the creep on over label. Gorgeous & oh so spooky. :)

    P.S. This year for halloween I'm dressing up as a "bonvocro" (a good "bon" cousin of velcro) man i'm a NUT, but those antispam words are tricksy to use in a sentence! ;)


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